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Today at 10:05:44 AM by dc7432 | Views: 5 | Comments: 1

87 Chevy V20 w/ TBI 350. Truck sat for a few months went to start ran for a minute than died. Air cleaner was 100% packed with a mouse house. Clean out and would start for a few minutes then stalled. I installed a fuel pump relay and can hear both pumps in the tanks prime. Same results. Installed an ignition coil and control module. Same result. I had all the parts so I didnít have to buy anything. This morning (cold) started like normal and is currently running. Iím waiting to see if anything happens when hot. A few years ago I had the same issue and it was the distributor so that was replaced. Any ideas on whatís going on and yes there is gas in both tanks. Thanks!
May 30, 2023, 03:56:39 PM by jpearson311 | Views: 182 | Comments: 13

Hi all.  I'm looking at an '88 crew cab (square body) and in the pictures, it is clearly a 4x4, but the VIN is is coming back as a 4x2.  Could this be because the VIN digit that specifies the drive is a "R" rather than a C or K?  Thanks!
May 29, 2023, 08:17:36 PM by Swampyankee74
Views: 101 | Comments: 4

I have a muncie m21 with a 31 spline output shaft. I'm trying too match up a yoke for this. Getting a little confused while hunting out the right part. I see yokes for 32 spline muncie but not 31. A 31 spline output would have 32 spline on the yoke, but the way they have it worded sounds like they are talking about the shaft being 32 spline not the yoke. Has anyone been through this? Worst comes to worse I order the part and return if it doesn't fit. Just thought someone might bring some clarity on this.
May 29, 2023, 12:43:25 PM by crsmith56 | Views: 77 | Comments: 1

First time posting. My 85 C10 has always had the issue of power locks not working on driver side. However, the switch on the driver side will lock and unlock the passenger side. The passenger side only operates passenger side. I replaced the actuator on driver side and no luck. My suspicion is broken wire going into the cab through the rubber sleeve? 
May 28, 2023, 04:30:00 PM by Dr_Snooz | Views: 94 | Comments: 2

Hi everyone. It's been a while, but I'm back with my 89 Suburban. I'm dealing with an intermittent stumbling/cutting-out issue lately. This morning the truck drove great with only a few light stumbles, on light acceleration, as I went to church. Coming home, it had a rough, surging idle on startup, and a lot of stumbles all the way home. Sometimes the idle would dip low briefly, then recover as I came to a stop. By "stumbles," I mean momentary losses of power for a second or two before recovering. It hasn't died yet, but I'm sure that's coming.

I've been through a few troubleshooting charts listed in the factory manual without finding anything wrong. The charts don't inspire confidence, though. For example, if you hit 9-13 psi within 2 seconds of turning the key on, then the fuel pump is deemed good and you can look elsewhere for your problem. ?

I've replaced the distributor with a new NAPA unit. The wires are a couple months old. O2 sensor is a new Bosch. Plugs were inspected and gapped 3 months ago. Fuel pressure tested at 12 psi per above. Fuel pump was replaced with an AC Delco unit in 2015, and has very few miles on it. Injectors are new rebuilt units from Standard Motor. Alternator output is 14.7V at idle. Timing is 0 with the brown wire unplugged. TPS is new. EGR tests out okay per the manual. Spark at idle is strong (hard to check it at speed.) Fuel filter is new. There seems to be a small vac leak at the booster check valve. I'll fix it tomorrow. No ECM codes. Battery cables are new homemade jobs that greatly improved my starter speed.

I can't find any threads or weblinks that cover my specific issue. I'm open to suggestions.

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