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Headers for a lowered c-10


Hi everyone, I've been lurking here for a while.  I have been looking for some info on what headers work the best on a lowered 82 c-10 swb I recently purchased. I have a complete air suspension I would like to put on so clearance is a major issue!  I will also be putting on a full dual 2.5 exhaust.  will I sacrifice much hp/tq if I decide to use the hedman shorty elite headers compared to a full length header?  I have been reading here about a dynomax header for a chevelle and have tried numerous searches for a part # and can't seem  to find it.  Any one who has used these I would love to hear your experiences and or pics.  I am also planing a ls1/t-56 swap next winter or spring.


The ones you want are 3/4 length for a Chevelle for SBC. 
This is the PN for the black coated ones:  WLK-85118
This is the PN for the ceramic coated ones: WLK-86118

For BBC's I use Sanderson 3/4 length Chevelle headers:
The PN is BB3 and they come in coated also.

Chris Lucas

the 3/4 length chris suggested may work fine,don't know..but long,full length chevelle or camaro headers won't clear the floor,I've tried'em both at one time or another..



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