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bryan stock:
I want to know where to get the clear plexi glass for the gauges,and also the gauges. I ALSO NEED THE BODY TRIM FOR UNDER THE REAR WINDOW,that wraps around the sides.

79 Big10:
You can get get all of those parts from   truck. Give them  a call at 800-222-5664.  

If you are getting all new gauges and the clear platic which covers the gauges. I would recommend the AutoMeter pro-Comp gauges. I will probly end up being cheaper. When I priced out replacing my OG gauges I found it to be just a little higher in price for the autometer, but that is because I wasn't including the clear plastic cover. www.autometer.com And no im not an AutoMeter sales person, im just a happy customer w/ these gauges.

The part number for the plastic lens on my truck (83 Silverado) is 25017377-1.  It lists for 53.25.  Try partzoneonllin.com, they are cheap for genuine GM parts.

put a link in, I tried thats partzoneonllin.com. I tried it a few ways.


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