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Where to find lower wind guide track/channel?

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I have been looking all over, and cant find this part, its the lower channel that goes behind the arm rest

I rolled down the window and the window fell off the rear channel, pulled apart the door and saw it was missing the channel

its the one I am pointing to in the picture attached, but I need the driver side

There is not a rear channel behind the arm rest. The thing your finger is on is the channel of the window regulator. It is likely that either the channel on the glass is loose, regulator wheels are worn, damaged or missing, regulator is misaligned, front channel/vent window assembly is misaligned allowing the window glass to fall

You are not like to find this channel as a separate piece because it is riveted to the regulator assembly.

it looks like its spot welded to the inner skin on the door in 2 places behind where the arm rest sits

I looked in the bottom of the door and its not there, figured if it did fall out it would be down there but no luck

Sorry for the confusion. I realized you were talking about the regulator channel. If the channel doesn't look rusted out broken or bent then it is still likely when rollers that are the cause. I would replace all three of them at the same time.

No worries, yeah I think it was just broken out. I haven't had any luck finding one either, guess I'm gonna take measurements and see if I can make one on the sheet metal brake at work


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