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Doors on or off when painting?


I'm working the details out to get my Red Girl painted.

I have to rebuild the doors anyway i.e. scrapers/ seals/ felt track and I want the inner surface where the outer scraper lives painted.

Front and rear window will be removed as well.

They are going to paint the jams and door interiors. Not the cab.

Have any of you pulled the doors before the shoot?

I know the more you pull apart the higher risk of goofing something up putting it back together.  >:(


I have, and I usually pull everything off when it's going on something plush, or needing a color change. 

Agree with Shifty! Pull the doors off. You really need to take off the doors if you plans to repaint the jams. The door can be a pain to put back on and align, though worth the hassle.

Thanks guys! Will do.

I think I picked up years ago on this site, maybe VZ, a hack: drill two 1/8 holes through the hinge bracket into the  body (and maybe into the door)  before disassembly.

Use those holes as a guide to your original position when re-installing.

If it was someone else-Thanks!!!

My doors are now in primer ready for top coat so I hung them to get the alignment right then took them off again to paint, cab is already painted.
A question I have is what order is best to fit the door internals? I think locks, door glass then vent windows, any thoughts?


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