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    Hi Guys,
  I have a 78 C20 Scottsdale long bed, I'm going to replace the OEM mounts and the instructions say that I need to cut the rear mount spacers. I was wondering if any of you guys have cut these spacers. I would like to have a spare pair in case I screw up the cut or if I want to go back to the OEM type. So any brain storms out there, be great to hear from you guys.

   smblock steve   

I would imagine that these are not factory style mounts but not sure why you would need to cut the spacer.  Maybe its late...
The ones we sell don't require this, so I need more information.

   Hi Captkaos,
 Thanks for writing back, The mounts are Energy Suspension # 3.4103. The instructions say that the rear OEM sleeve/spacer needs to be cut to 3 3/4". I would like to find a pair of OEM Sleeves/spacers before I start this job.
 I hope this helps you to understand.


I have Energy mounts to fit to my '76 longbed cab but didn't see anything about cutting the OEM sleeves, I'll have a look tomorrow and check if they are same part number.

I would probably just go and find a spacer tube that fits and use that if you dont want to cut what you have.


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