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New Cab Mounts

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  Thanks guys for writing back. I'll keep checking around about this and get back to all of you.

    Thanks again


My Energy Suspension mounts will be coming out in favor of stock ones....just too squeaky.

Not the first person I have heard say that Shifty.  I historically use PST bushings, but this has been 10 years ago since I had to replace any.  They weren't squeaky. 

For quasi-passive compressional applications such as poly cab mounts and most live poly suspension bushings, the squeak suppression provided by Energy Suspension Formula Five Prelube 9.11104 is effective and long-lasting.  However, long-term effectiveness can be limited for some axial suspension bushings, such as sway bar frame mounting bushings, if the bushings present an exceedingly tight fit with high friction and lubricant squeezeout.

Yeah, lubed them up good, just didn't last/wasn't effective.  I should have known better, I had a Chevy II that I did urethane control arm and strut rod rod bushings on, and they were a dang chorus.  My Corvette sway bar bushings are silent, but they are also greaseable. 


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