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Assembly order when refitting doors.

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Hi all, I'll soon be refitting the doors on my truck, 76 C10 longbed, and would like to get opinions on the best order to reassemble them once they are back on the truck, i.e.windows, locks, vent window, etc?
I think the locks first so I can secure the doors closed?
So what comes next?

It seems that you have to disassemble them in a manner that follows an order.

I would (if possible) document the order of disassembly and then reverse.

I recently took down the interior of the passenger side of a '80 C10, but did not document, and have since forgotten... ::)

I think I'm going to document the drivers side so as to follow the reverse for both.

I am assuming you have a door shell...
door lock, Door latch, door handle (outside), window lift assembly, window weatherstripping, vent window assembly, inner door latch.

Hi Capt. yes I have all the components just wanted to know the best order to refit them, I think I took out the vent windows first then the door glass and the lock but as I will have new seals to fight with wondered if anyone had any tips and tricks to share?

I put the order in my reply above.


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