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What's missing here?

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Mr. Machanic:
The dash panel, right above the gas pedal is 2 factory holes with a backer plate with 2 slightly smaller holes.
You should be able to see them clearly in the photo.
What is supposed to be bolted on here?
BTW, the holes look factory. Not user installed. And it looks like nother has ever been bolted in this location.
I do recall a add on trailer brake controller in this location on my dad's 73 Surburban. But I think he had that installed by the R/V dealer.

That is the area where your radio ground/support strap is mounted and the interior light.

Mr. Machanic:
Here are a couple more pics for clarification.
The interior light is clearly illuminated in the one pic and almost a foot to the right of these 2 holes
And the radio clearly has no wires running to these 2 holes.
The interior and wiring of this vehicle has not been molested in any fashion.
But I do really appreciate the rrplies.
Thank you.

I made the first alterations when I added the electric radiator fans.

Mr. Machanic:
I just went out to unbolt the backer plate...
It does extend up to the radio to support it.

Man, them silver bolts be u-g-l-y..and they're metric...

What gives with half SAE and half metric?

Let's see what's in the fastener box..

Mr. Machanic:
I think it looks much better than before...


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