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Cab Leak from wash/rain ?

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My cab was leaking from around the cowl, area where the wiper linkage is located. It was a rusted out and was one of the first things I had to repair in my restoration!

short of pulling the carpet and trim to find the source check the cowl area under the windshield this where the firewall and cowl sheetmetal meet, I have seen many rusted out here.
Best bet is to remove the interior and do a water test to find the source.

Thank y'all and they all make good sense.

She has very little rust except surface rust and the right finder where the battery leaked acid onto it (it's been replaced now).

After a little more investigation, I think it might be the heater core leaking!  I hear those can be a pain to replace!   

Nowhere near as bad on today's soap bubbles.  (no personality cars)


--- Quote from: kgross401 on February 13, 2024, 12:48:13 PM ---sorry correction I meant hood hinge seal

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How did you fix that? Do you remove the cowl vent and add a bunch of sealant? Thanks.


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