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Title: will a 84 c10 tow this load?
Post by: Metal Man on March 30, 2020, 03:28:50 PM
It has a stock bumper hitch, with 3/8" mounting plate and 1/4" plates attaching to frame. I cant find any info on the bumper to get the average weight it will pull.
I am looking to pull a tandem axle , utility trailer, no electric brakes. The trailer is 7'X16' and weighs between 1500Lb and 2000Lb "EMPTY".
The load I am looking to carry is a cubic yard of soil that will weigh around 1000-1500 Lb.
The truck has a stock 350 with a 350 trans, 2WD. Thanks for any help.
Title: Re: will a 84 c10 tow this load?
Post by: JAH on March 30, 2020, 08:28:34 PM
Westin makes a line of bumpers that are very similar to the old "step bumpers" that were offered on many of the "Big 3" trucks of the 70's/80's/90's.  They're rated at 8000/800...meaning 8K towing and 800 tongue.  The loaded trailer weight you mentioned wouldn't give me much pause.  And, depending on how you loaded the trailer, I'd venture a guess that you'll be in the 400 to 500 lb range on the tongue.

If you're concerned about the bumper letting go, you could rear-bias the load a bit (on the trailer), to mitigate some of the tongue weight.  Just make sure that you retain some positive tongue weight.  In other words, you do want the tongue weight to be enough that it squats the truck a bit. (*Negative tongue weight is a recipe for disaster on any vehicle.)

Here are the 1986 Gross Combined Weight Ratings (truck, trailer, passengers, load...the whole ball of cheese), for the 5.7L, with the corresponding cogs...

2.73 / 8500#
3.08 / 9500#
3.23 / 10000#
3.42 / 10500#

I suspect the ratings would be very close for your truck.
Title: Re: will a 84 c10 tow this load?
Post by: JAH on March 30, 2020, 09:04:05 PM
Also, this is right out of the 1986 Chevrolet "Recreation and Trailering Guide"...

"For Full-size Pickups The step bumper is the only factory installed type of deadweight hitch
available for these models.  It can be used with light and medium trailers up to 4000 lbs. with a maximum tongue
load of 400 lbs.  A 1 7/8" diameter hitch bail must be installed tor light trailers up to 2000 lbs. and a 2" diameter hitch ball for medium-duty trailers up
to 4000 lbs.  Availability is as follows: Step Bumper; Painted, RFC V43 and accessory or Chrome, RFC V42 and
Hitch Ball; 1 7/8" or 2" diameter accessory only."
Title: Re: will a 84 c10 tow this load?
Post by: 75gmck25 on April 04, 2020, 10:51:04 AM
Your truck should be fine if you bias the load toward the front of the trailer to keep in on the tongue; however, you might be underestimating the weight of the dirt.   I had two cubic yards dumped into the bed of my 3/4 ton with HD springs, and after I saw it squat down a little (something that seldom happens) I looked up the estimated weight of loose topsoil and found it was closer to 2000 lbs  per yard.  I have 7 leaf rear springs, and 10-ply E-rated truck tires running at about 65-70 psi, so it was still stable with that much weight.

Based on GM specs my truck is rated for about 2700 lbs in the bed, but due to my various estimating errors I've found that to be a conservative rating.  Who knew how much a pile of left over brick and block would weigh, until we ran it across the scale? :)