Author Topic: Needing ideas for TBI mods  (Read 13813 times)

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Re: Needing ideas for TBI mods
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 My 87' was all stock until motor rebuild in 2009. I installed a new Holley TBI with HVH spacer under it. New air intake and 2-1/4" exaust with Flowmasters also with one of these TBIchips as mentioned before. I thought I had a Fuel pressure issue but it turned out the chip I installed was at fault. I returned it and they sent me a new one with no problem! Great people! I then was advised to install a heated o2 sensor for cold weather driving. Problem was fixed and this thing will RUN! Bad news is IT LOVES GAS and and not the cheap stuff either! My advise would be to start with air intake and exaust first before getting too involved in the other upgrades then try the chip, especially if you want to drive it every day. Also, I'm not completely sold that the Holley was much better than what was already there! Just m 2 cents worth!  :D
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Re: Needing ideas for TBI mods
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Good stuff Smitty. I tell ya, I just got back from 6 months of training down in Texas for the USAF. Got in my truck and I really am impressed with how the 305 with a few mods runs. It's really plenty for I'd say a daily driver and I still have more simple mods to do. I could only imagine a 350.

As for the Holley TBI, I've heard it's a waste.... on relatively stock engines. The stock TBI will flow adequately with some of the simple mods (Ultimate TBI mods: shaving the ridges, the rivets on the butterflies, etc). But I guess the Holley has an adjustable TPS? which I guess is useful.
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Re: Needing ideas for TBI mods
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Holleys have a bigger bore (like a 454) so they require a chip to get the fuel right.  The factory setup is identical but I don't think the Holley is better for the money.

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Re: Needing ideas for TBI mods
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I agree, I can't see spending the $ on an aftermarket tbi set up unless you're loaded but if you're going to do that why not go MPI?
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