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Hey guys im Robert and i have a 1973 Chevy C10 long bed.what can i do to keep my truck from vapor locking thats not going to cost thousands of dollars.any help is very much appreciated.

Possibly look at a fuel vapor separator filter. Wix 33040. I know this has worked for some people. The offset nipple goes back to the tank

Rapid Roy:
If you have a metal line from pump to carb, you can get pipe insulation at Lowes or Home Depot and wrap around it. I did this from engine to pump. It is the round foam like material. So far in the last 7 years I haven't had vapor lock.

Sample of what I used. There are different ID sizes. Some has tape on both sides of split to stick together.
You can also use zip ties if the tape does not hold. I prefer to use the black ties over the white.


Thank you guys for the helpful information

Are you trying to fix the symptom or the problem? These trucks do not have vapor lock issues unless someone did some butchery to cause it. Make sure the fuel tank is properly vented. If you loosen the gas cap and your vapor lock issue goes away, there's your first clue.


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