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1/2” Oil Pressure Sender?

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The oil pressure sender in my ‘87 Suburban V20 started leaking. I ordered a replacement from Oreilly’s, but it ended up having a different diameter where it threads in. My engine has a fitting between the sender and the block. I think it was probably put there to help the sender clear the O2 sensor.

Anyway, the hole in the block itself is 1/2” too. Oreilly’s says they don’t have that and only have 1/4” or 1/8”.

Do I have some weird size, or is that common? I have a remanufactured 5.7. However, I had transplanted the sender and the fitting from the last engine so that was the same 1/2” as well.

The oil galley tap down near the oil filter should be 1/4" NPT.

Okay. Well that's weird. I wonder how both engines ended up having a ˝" tap. I'll go pick up an adapter today I guess. Thanks!

By any chance, are you confusing 1/4" NPT with 1/2" USS?

bd, Not sure. I just measured across the diameter of the male side of the sender and it's ˝". So is the female side in the block.


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