Author Topic: How to: Remove Glove Box Cylinder  (Read 10700 times)

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How to: Remove Glove Box Cylinder
« on: February 17, 2010, 10:39:02 PM »
since not everyone can post in the technical section ?? even though its moderated... but here it is here in the interior section.

I'm not sure how many different styles of glove box cylinders there are out there but how many could there be right?

For reference its an 1987 Silverado

Tools Needed:
Paper Clip X 2
Curved Pick
Large bolt
Bench Grinder

Open the glove box and you should see what I'm going to call it "an access hole"

This is the cylinder removed (obviously)  for illustration purposes. That "access hole" will allow you to push those keepers in (with a pick or paper clip)  while you insert a straitend paper clip through through the center of them. If you dont see the keeper through the access hole, you might have to manually latch the latching mechinism to view the keeper. Once you feel the paper clip go past the first keeper, get a curved pick or something to pull the cylinder out untill the lock cannot be pulled any further. Be smart on what you use so you dont scratch anything. So now you have pulled the cylinder out and now its stuck again, thats becuase there is a second keeper. Same process as before. Once both keeprs have been retracted with the paper clip, simply pull the cylinder out.

Here is the same cylinder with the paper clip through the center of the cylinder going through the keepers that were pressed down in the previous step.

The "thing" that needs to be tightened is  an 8 sided threaded tube and the tool of choice for me was a large  bolt with a large enough head to gind on. Simply grind the head of the bolt smooth, so the grade  markings wont  interfere with the sharpie drawing you are about to draw. Place the 8 sided threaded tube on the bolt head and trace the shape. Using a bench grinder,  gind yourself a new custom tool. when your done, double nut it so you an get a wrench on it -or- just get a pair of vice grip pliers.
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