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Body, Glass & Paint / Door Glass Felt Channel Issue
« Last post by slideways on June 04, 2023, 08:35:12 PM »
I got new   door glass felt rubber for the sill and the top frame of the doors for my 83. So there is a plastic xmas tree pin that goes in toward the upper rear of the door and a spade shaped metal tang that goes towards the front corner top near the vent window. My issue is i see nowhere to put this metal spade in the door frame. All of the videos from   and Brothers show these guys just popping this in without a thought and no visual of anything. Anybody have a picture of what this is supposed to clip into?
Fuel Systems and Drivability / Fuel Filler Door Screws
« Last post by Mike81K10 on June 04, 2023, 07:06:08 PM »
My 81 K10  has two screws for the Fuel Filler Door and two for the fuel filler. Does anyone know what size the torque screws are for the filler doors and what size screw was supposed to be used for the filler where it mounts just inside the door? I have body manuals and maintenance manuals but could not find the info.

Fuel Systems and Drivability / Re: Is this carb OK?
« Last post by JohnnyPopper on June 04, 2023, 05:23:32 PM »
Ahh yes, square.

The jet sizes for the secondaries seem huge, but I guess that's what you want when you crack those babies.

I just got a Qjet from National Carb's out of Florida, can't wait to hear that familiar drop in vacuum, and then "BuuuWaaaaaaahhh"!
Body, Glass & Paint / Re: Bed and Tailgate differences through the years
« Last post by VileZambonie on June 04, 2023, 05:21:30 PM »
Lots of differences for the fleetside bed and 74 GMC is unique as "73-74 gate only" which also has the raised GMC embossed into the upper left corner of the gate. Higher trim levels also had the GMC letters atop with the trim. The latches are different and have the lugs on the gate. The gate also has welded locating wedges. The bedsides have the rectangle holes for the wedges to engage into. The links, rods and handles are different. The bedsides have round gas holes. The fuel filler pipes were unique in that they reduced down and don't like the modern day fuel filler. There are other differences that are rather minor like the rubber bumpers etc. Almost every 74 GMC bed I've seen has the rear inner fender extensions and I'm probably forgetting a few things but I'm like 6 beers in right now.
Fuel Systems and Drivability / Re: Is this carb OK?
« Last post by Chevygold on June 04, 2023, 04:03:12 PM »
Just ordered 72's for the primaries so will see how it goes when I get them Tuesday.
Fuel Systems and Drivability / Re: Is this carb OK?
« Last post by Chevygold on June 04, 2023, 03:58:43 PM »
Square bore 1.536" primary and secondary
Body, Glass & Paint / Bed and Tailgate differences through the years
« Last post by 74_squared on June 04, 2023, 03:55:00 PM »
I’ve done some searching and the link in the parts section to identify a tailgate is dead but my question is…

What’s the noticeable differences other than shape of fuel door on the bed sides? I see there’s 73-76 and 76-87 options on various sites.

Same for the tailgate. There’s 3 different available aside from being plain or having letters on them (73-76, 76-80, and 81-87). Is it just their mounting hardware needs to all match up?

I have a 74 gmc fleetside longbed and currently have no bed at all. Just wondering if there’s any reason to get one year over another. Wanted to run a newer style latch kit that seems to only be offered on the 76 and newer gates.

Running a Boyd tank so no fuel door necessary to match what it “should look like” for a 74. Just want to see if I’m missing something before ordering everything.
Members Rides / Re: Ready to be blasted
« Last post by macr0w on June 04, 2023, 10:17:14 AM »
Looks killer Swampy!
I can't wait to see it on the road.  8)
Fuel Systems and Drivability / Re: 87 Chevy Runs then dies
« Last post by dc7432 on June 04, 2023, 07:30:52 AM »
Replaced the MAP sensor. Cleared the codes and running like normal. Thanks everyone.
Members Rides / Re: 1974 GMC Sierra restomod
« Last post by JohnnyPopper on June 03, 2023, 09:09:01 PM »
Wow Nice Work!!!

Going the distance... ;)
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