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Stacey Davids GearZ on Speed TV

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Just sending out a heads up to all you GearZ fans about the premiere show kicking off our new season 2009.

This Saturday, Feb. 21, at 9 a.m. EST our first episode will be airing on SPEED network. When you tune in you’re going to be introduced to The KnuckleBuster, a well-worn ’73 Chevy pickup left for dead in the late ‘80s, and you will see Stacey start to bring it back to life. It’s the beginning of a three part series that features a project most anybody can do. With today’s economy and the price of new vehicles, this show demonstrates that there is a better option than buying something new…bust your own knuckles and build it yourself! Then Stacey sits down with off-road racing legend Ivan Stewart to find out what makes him the Ironman.  We hope you’ll be watching on Saturday so you won’t miss one minute of the excitement!

Thanks for the post! I'll be puttin an ignition module in my 87 but I guess I can find time for old Stacey

Is there a place it will be shown on the internet? I don't have TV. Well I have a TV just choose not to spend money on cable or satellite.

I watched it this morning, Through my eye lids.

Actually, it was hardly a worn out truck imo. I liked it ( what does that say about me, huh?) A very good show tho. There's drama ( David throwin and kickin parts around), there's love (David caressing the new brake parts), there's blood( he scrapes the crap out of his wrist), there's the story line of the truck going from bad to good, and of course, a hero at the end. No, not Stacey. Ironman.  ha ha
I gotta get back outside..


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