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Fall Rod Run Pics

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Hey guys how is it going? Here are some pics from the Fall Rod Run I went to back in September. I have been meaning to post these but I have been kinda of busy with school. There were alot of 73-87s there.  I hope you enjoy!

This thing got more attention than anything there all weekend!!

low budget:
Nice trucks.  I noticed that most of them were for sale, wonder why? ???

They all look good to me...

Man up there everything is for sale!!  You never know someone might just give you that stupid price that you put on it.

Very nice! I really like the big jacked up red one. I noticed they were all shortboxes though...found that kind of odd.

I love the blue and grey K10. I want one with that color como some day. Maybe thats the way Ill paint my 76SWB. We'll see. I dont like the white walls. Whitewalls belong only on fat fenders in my opinion, not square bodies.


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