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I don't know if it's me or not, but every time I try to find a certain subject, such as " 700r4 tv
Cable adjustment" , it never takes me to a simple answer or solution. Maybe I'm doing something
Wrong. Need help here. I also belong to, and when I search for a certain subject,
It goes right to that subject. Real simple. But, again, I'm probably doing some thing wrong. 
Sure not knocking this site, cause I think it is great.

i know for the longest time i always had issues with using the search in the top right corner. ive always use the search in the the "tab" part right under where it says "hello irish alley" i just found out after testing your "700r4 tv
Cable adjustment" that if you use the one in the top right it ONLY searches that board your currently in. so by using the search button while viewing this topic will only show one hit. if you use the search in the top right while on the forms main page you will have 32 hits.


Irish alley, I can't find "search" on right side that you are referring to. Sorry , but I'm totally
Lost. I also  am not the sharpest guy on the net. The only place I see " search " is on left middle
Near the top of page. Try me again, if you would please. Thanks.    Jerry.

does this help?

Best search is use google.  The site is indexed...

put this in googles search:
700r4 tv Cable adjustment


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