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Howdy, Iím Jeremy and Iím looking forward to being a productive member here. This is the first pic I took of my Suburban on its drive home. I wanted something that could accept a piece of plywood, but also something I could stretch out in the back of. Iím 6í4Ē, so thatís out of the question in most vehicles. I started looking at suburbans and Iíve always liked the square body look. I did a bit of research and really zoned in on the 90-91 2500. Honestly, I wanted barn doors, as I think thatís the iconic suburban look. Didnít matter, after missing a couple other trucks, I found this one.
eBay find. I got it with fees for exactly $3k. In California, which I thought was better than its turned out to be. Fortunately the seller promised it ran well enough to load on a multi car hauler.
Well... itís not a rust-free as one would hope from a Cali car. Not as rust-free as Iíd believed it would be. The underside is fine, but above both front doors itís rusted through the roof and thereís rust around the rear quarter windows and a couple other places. So, good news: it ainít Midwest rust, but where there is rust itís most of the way eaten through.
I also didnít think about that there were still 49-state cars and California cars. Ultimately this isnít as big an issue as it could have been. Iím in Georgia and the truck is out of emissions compliance. And itís real unlikely that Iím gonna get a visual inspection... EVER. So $800 in shipping and the truck comes home.
I did typical tuneup stuff. Oil, plugs, cap, rotor, etc. Drove through a couple tanks:

Ouch. I went through the front end, brakes shocks. Right now Iím just focusing on drive ability, but Iíve got plans and for the first time in my life, Iíve got a budget...
About me. Again, Iím Jeremy. Iíve been fortunate in a lot of ways. Iíve got my own fab shop. It canít hold a candle to a nascar shop, but itís mine and plenty have done more with less. My day job is doing special effects for the movie biz. Turns out Iím pretty good at it and Georgia is ďYallywoodĒ these days. I put roll cages and cannons in cars, blow stuff up and generally do all the stuff my momma told me not to. And they pay me pretty well. Unfortunately I also lost my grandmother after 103 years last fall. She lived a good long life, Iíll miss her forever and she left me a few bucks.
Iím taking the next couple of weeks off work. The suburban is my project. Iíve got a Dakota Digital dash on the way, Iíll take a look here and decide if documenting mine is worth sharing. Iím gonna go ahead and remove and repair the dash as well as STEREO!!!! while Iím doing it.
Because Iím a crazy person, but have a vision. Iím actually converting the truck to full manual, windows and doors, for everything but the tailgate, like I said, I wanted barn doors, but got what I got.
After a bit of convincing Iíve convinced myself that the tail gate is better. Iíve got manual window regulators at the shop. While Iím doing speakers Iím also planning on fabricating aluminum door cards, swapping regulators and removing wiring, actuators and motors from the doors.
If I can get the interior cleaned up, the dash and stereo and windows are probably what I can do in phase one.
Ultimately the goal is a long-travel/prerunner set up. Yeah. I know Iím in Georgia, but prerunners are too cool and Atlanta is fond of their speed bumps and other ďtraffic calming measuresĒ... I want to put a full roll cage in, back half the frame with a four-link and longer A-arms in front. Weíll see how far I get there.
Drivetrain-wise... initially the plan was LS1. Maybe turbos. After settling on the 2500 C/K chassis I decided to think about keeping the big block. Still mostly thinking thatís what Iíll do. The truck has the 4L80 now, but I really like shifting. Iím on the hunt for a 5-speed. Iíve also got a deposit on a .050 over rat motor at a local machine shop.
I want to go to multiport injection. Iím fully aware a Chevrolet big block will never be ECONOMICAL, so I want to build the most EFFICIENT motor I can. Iím still debating over stroking or not the motor. Likely going package Edlebrock at this time with their multiport injection setup. I know itís gonna use gasoline, but I want to make certain Iím using that gas the best I can. I want to stick to natural aspiration, but Iím open to future turbos.

The best laid plans of mice and men.

Anyhow the point is to be active on this forum to learn from others and teach what I learn.

I replaced the rear windows

I put some seats in because my girl wouldnít even ride on the originals. Unfortunately, it seems this was originally a bench seat car, so only the outside mounts were threaded for seat mount bolts. I hate asking for help, but I had to enlist a friend to get the seats mounted. I used the factory sliders, so Iíve got front to rear adjustment, no tilt.


welcome from maryland. i have a 91 v3500 crew cab, the 350 tbi was getting 12 mpgs and i swapped it for a 1st gen cummins and she gets 16. with bigger displacement you'll need more fuel to feed it, the cummins has power really low and i believe thats where i save fuel because the engine doesnt have to push as hard to get her up to speed. just something else to think about

I appreciate the advice, but I am not a diesel guy. One of the things Iíve appreciated the most about my suburban ownership is that thereís nothing I canít do on it. Legally and mechanically speaking. That being said, I donít know diesels well enough to take on such a project. Lastly, the goal of this project, no matter how it ultimately turns out, is for me to build the baddest truck I can. I fully expect it to be my last gas-powered vehicle. Iím actively seeking socially irresponsible and nothing says THAT like a big block gas motor.


Rotten mileage is something Man-Squares just have to live with.  Personally, I'd rather the cruddy mileage, and have the simplicity and safety that a Square has to offer. 

Love the 'Burb BTW, and welcome from Tucson, AZ!  8)

I'm with the Shifty one, I'll trade bad mileage for simplicity, safety, and STYLE!

Welcome from So Cal!

Now please give that girl a BATH...


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