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Today at 07:50:58 PM by jpizzle440
Views: 1 | Comments: 0

I got this truck years ago in grandfield Oklahoma. This post will be just updates of when I add stuff to it. I wasn't on the forums when I started on this one. Figured I would start one for her. It is an 84 454/400. I have never tore into the motor or transmission. When I got it I bought all new front suspension. Complete upper lower control arms, bushings, ball joints, tie rods, qa1 adjusting sleeves, idler arm, pitman arm, brakes, calipers, rotors, shocks, coil springs, bump stops, steering stabilizer, sway bar bushings. Other stuff was rear shocks, carrier bearing, rear trans seal, vacuum kickdown, headers were warped and leaking everywhere so replaced those. Distributor, wires, plugs, valve cover gaskets. All new LED running lights down the running boards. Pulled the dash apart and replaced the printed circuit and bulbs. I added a tack in the bottom left empty where clock was. Took a little fandangling. Worked good but glue wasn't enough to keep it from vibrating loose. So I drilled a hole through the black plastic and face of the guage, glued a tooth pick in it and cut flush. Has worked great since then. New front balance. When I pulled the coils out one side had was broke, I thought that was wild. Headlight switch and high beam switch. I don't smoke so I pulled the ash tray out and added a dual cigarette lighter for extras. I put it on its own fuse panel. I have all the wires run to set up a 5 channel amp. Bought a radio that looks exactly like original but is blue tooth just like a newer style. I bought a kit for auto lock doors but I've got to figure out how I'm going to mount it to the locking rods, they have a bigger O.D. than the clips that come with it. It was cheaper to buy an external window pisser pump so I wired it to where I could pug it into the original harness that way I can delete it if I ever have to replace the whole wiper unit. Her first voyage was from north central Texas to Denver Colorado and back. Did very well for not knowing anything about the motor or trans. Did very well in the snow had several feet while I was working there.

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk

Today at 01:57:56 PM by Kl7293 | Views: 26 | Comments: 1

Currently I have a 1978 Chevrolet 4wd/350/350/NP203. I want to do a LS swap and go to a trans with overdrive and eliminate the full time 4wd(203.) I have researched and trolled this site and many others.

I would like to go with a LQ9/700r4....but I am unsure as to what transfer case to use, so that I do not have to have new drive shafts built.

Is this possible?

Today at 11:41:11 AM by muleystruck | Views: 50 | Comments: 3

Hey all, finally got the slave cylinder bled on my 86 Scottsdale. Had to reverse bleed the slave cylinder, and now Ive gotta relearn how to drive it! I still have an issue in the drivetrain as the rearend is causing me problems. The ring and pinion has been changed at some point as its a Richmond setup. Some major slack and vibration that is not readily fixable by me. So, if I wanted to replace the whole assembly what later models will work? I'm hoping for a direct bolt in. 73-87 truck parts are hard to find. Anything from 88 up work in this truck? I'm wanting to put lowering shackles for a 2 inch drop in the rear and was hoping to do all this at one time. Any info is greatly appreciated.  Muley
Today at 09:59:22 AM by jc74868
Views: 55 | Comments: 2

I've found several topics on columns, but can't really find the answer to my question.

Will any 73-87 C10 tilt column work, or only certain years?

(It originally had Cruise on the column but I just want a general tilt column)

I found one nearby. The guy isn't really sure what year it came from, but knows it was a C10 squarebody. It is a tilt column, regular turn signal (dimmer was in the floor on the truck it came from), no wiper or other controls, and the shaft looks like a sorta rectangle/squareish shape w/a bolt hole through the end.

My truck is sitting at shop about an 35 miles from me in one direction and the column is located about 60 miles away in the other direction.

It sounds like this one will work, I just kinda worry that the shaft may be different (like possibly mine is a spline shaft?? I don't know, just don't know if there are differences)

Not sure. I guess I can take off work and go look at my truck's column. Just don't won't to let a great deal get away
Monkey Uncle
Today at 06:08:33 AM by Monkey Uncle
Views: 62 | Comments: 0

I'm interested in any recommendations you might have for a replacement carburetor.

'78 GMC K15 chassis/drive train with an '85 C10 body
Remanned crate 350 (stock) with less than 500 miles on it, mated to an old TH350 that came from a third (unknown) donor vehicle
No emissions control equipment other than pcv hose running from driver's side valve cover into front of carb
Original stock air cleaner from the '78 truck
Carb, intake, fuel pump, and all ignition equipment re-used from the old engine
Fuel pump and fuel lines appear new

The intake appears to be the original stock intake from the '78 truck, but the carb is not.  The truck should have a 4MV quadrajet with divorced hot air choke, but it currently has a 1983 E4ME model with electric choke and several currently unused emissions features.  I am having some idle and driveability problems that were not solved by a re-build (details here if you're interested:  It was better for a short while after the re-build, but now is even worse than before.  While it might be possible for a quadrajet expert to get it running right, I don't have such an expert available to me, so I think it's time to quit fooling with it and just replace it with a carb that is better matched to an old 350 with no emissions equipment.

From searching various auto parts websites, I see that there are remanned 4MV quadrajets available from National Reman, United, and Autoline for what appear to be reasonable prices with a 1 year warranty.  It also appears that there are several Edelbrock Performer and Holley Street Avenger models that are supposed to bolt on to my manifold, although prices for these are a good bit higher than for the remanned Q-jets.

Also my mechanic suggested that I consider a Carter aftermarket replacement with a manual choke.  I wouldn't mind the manual choke, but my searches did not find anything manufactured by Carter.  My understanding is that Carter is no longer in business, so any Carter carbs likely would be remanned, correct?

Any thoughts about any of these potential replacements?  Or any other suggestions?


Edit: I should explain how the truck is used.  It's a short distance errand/light to medium duty hauling truck.  Not exactly a DD since I don't use it to commute and probably drive it less than a thousand miles a year.  Although I like the cool factor of driving an old truck that is in pretty decent shape, it is not intended to be a show truck or a performance truck.  So I'm interested in a reasonably priced carb that will get me down the road with a minimum amount of fuss.
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