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Annual cleaning out the cowl
« on: June 13, 2009, 10:52:00 AM »
If you ever found that you have water in the floorboards and you don't know where it is coming from, it is most likely from a rusted cowl area.  I have been making it a habit of cleaning mine out whenever the weather gets nice and the leaves stop falling.  If you keep this area clean, it should help eliminate this problem of rusting, or at least slow it down.  If yours is rusted, I highly recommend using some rust inhibiting paint on it after cleaning and repairing any bad areas.  I would also check the seam sealer as if you have rust it will not be sealing anymore.
NOTE, if you are working on a show truck (I would't think it would be outside though) I HIGHLY suggest removing the hood before the cowl cover on the 81-87(91)s, or use tape to protect the paint AND get an assistant to help that respects the paint on the truck. ;P

1)on 81-87's you have to remove the cowl panel.  It is VERY possible that you will scratch the paint on doing this without taking the hood off.  If mine was painted, I would remove the hood or tape it down REALLY well and get another person to help.  There are 4 bolts that must be removed to get it off.
NOTE: This step is NOT necessary on 73-80's

2)Remove the cowl screen.  This just pops off.  I would spray the cowl down to get the leaves, gunk out first.

3)Get a step ladder and a jet stream and spray down in the cowl to blow all the leaves and accumulated dirt/debris out (it should drain down the cowl to the ground (check to see if yours is clogged) then take a small brush or rag with some soap and go to down INSIDE and outside the cowl.

4)put it all back together for next year.
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