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1980 K20 4x4

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Hi, this is my build thread for my 4x4. I originally bought this as a donor drive train for my 52 international, but ended up stumbling into full restoration. I'm in over two years on this, probably another six months to done. Final look will be blue with silver two tone.

This is the truck after I bought it. I'll post a few pictures now and then as I have time.


Welcome from AL and nice truck!

Thanks for the welcome! Up here near Seattle, about as far from AL as one can get...

This is the recipe for stumbling into a restoration.

1) take truck to differential shop to have seals checked or replaced. Discover the right side had been submerged in water and decide to fix it faster than scrap it (truck didn't cost much at all). Now the investment is substantial.

2) decide to overhaul the very tired engine. Discover it's not original, a 305. Stock was 350. Find awesome engine builder in the state who will build just what I want : great 400 ft-lbs torque, 359 HP, with regular gas, EFI and roller cam.

3) pull the engine. Start with taking the front clip off.  Then the fenders. Oh yeah I've got a barn why not pull the cab since it's easier to replace rusty gas tank and get the transmission out.

4) after it's all off tell yourself that it's a shame to put a new shiny engine back into a dirty frame and body. Off comes the bed.

5) completely dismantle the truck. Frame blasted and powder coated. Tranny rebuilt..

And so it goes...

I kind of started off the same way. Was going to do a little repair work and ended up doing a complete restoration. Best wishes and post pics as you move along.

Welcome from SoCal San Diego!

Doing a C10 same year, yours is looking really good!

Whats under the bag behind the motor???


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