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1975 K20 Scottsdale - I have no end game in mind ...

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Cannot beat the price!

Haha - Thanks for all the comments!

--- Quote ---I would look real close for more rust in the 'heck holes' areas before committing to a full on 'project' redo...just saying  8)
--- End quote ---

Can you educate me on what "heck holes" are?  Not sure it will stop me from messing with this further when I have time, but just curious. 

Sure thing  8)

On any project there are areas that rust, in the 'worst places', to the point that restoration isn't as economically feasible as say, buying a new cab, bed, etc..

Start by power washing the underside, and physically inspecting for rust, from pin holes to major holes. Don't be afraid to poke areas that show signs of rust for a look at the depth of the condition.

Better to find out now than when you're ready for paint etc..


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