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1986 C10 after 14 years finally started on

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Purchased 4/07 this highly optioned(not) Custom Deluxe is going to be the next and maybe final build I do.  This was an eBay purchase out of Tennessee a one owner 70,800 truck.  It ran down the road fine but the starter needed shimmed or so I thought.  I got maybe a dozen or so starts out of it before I tried shimming the starter.  The PO cross threaded the outer starter bolt and cracked the starter mounting off at the outside.  Eventually I had plans of a SBC 350 swap but I really wanted to run the 4.3 and really see what kind of MPG I could get.  In the 5+ years it mainly sat in the garage while I continued collecting the right parts to customize it the way I wanted.  I have already installed the 91 Suburban buckets identical to 78 Chevyrado.  Out will come the busted 3 on the tree column for a 4 on the floor column.  Out will come the 3 speed standard shift and 4.3L and replaced by a 5.7L and the 4 speed OD MY6 optioned standard.  Because of the emissions regs I have to pass I also have the dual air pump set up and dual stock stainless steel exhaust system originally from a 86 C20.  I will add dual 3 inch high flow catalytic convertors hoping to meet the emission standards for the truck.  While the engine/trans it out I plan to clean up the fire wall and do a halfway decent job repainting it the stock color.  I am going for MPG and plan to start with the 4.3L quadrajet and play with jets to get it running at efficiently as possible.  There is very little rust repair needed and I have obtained a near mint dash pad and door panels in the correct color.  I am staying with the radio delete plate and putting a single DIN AM-FM-CD in the dash where the AC vent goes in where the left vent is supposed to be.  The antenna is on the stock 91 Suburban fender that is going on it as well as the red cowl plate as the PO hacked on a cheepo antenna that was busted when I got it.  I also will change out the core support to the 91 Suburban style.  I have a nice set of BF Goodrich P255/70R15 on stock 15x8 rallies in storage under the house.  Right now I threw my topper on it and am utilizing it for additional storage.  After 7/8 and hopefully a break in the temps I will start tearing into it and will consider this a part of my ongoing physical therapy.  Stay tuned...   

     How soon do you plan on starting ?

big bear:
Killer project..great pile of parts u have for her...and  bake..if i read correctly,he mentioned after july 8th and lower temps he would start on the truck.

Nice project I just got a 350 for my truck that came factory with a 4.3l too.


--- Quote from: dlw6801 on August 24, 2012, 09:02:53 PM ---Nice project I just got a 350 for my truck that came factory with a 4.3l too.

--- End quote ---

Seriously been thinking of the 454 that came in the dually... Just have to verify that the mechanical fuel pump can work... Right now it has an electric for some reason.


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