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Probably more accurate to say "another" truck in the drive. I bought an '89 V2500 Suburban today.

It looks like a wreck, but runs great and the interior is frankly unbelievable. The seller just had the seats reupholstered.

It drove real smooth all the way home, though it does need some suspension tuning up and a good wheel balance. The best part is that it's got a 350 TBI and is geared high. It is shifting into 3rd where the truck is winding out in 3rd. Now our weekly grocery runs into town won't be at 8.5 MPG. Also, I can lock materials, lumber, tools, etc. in it while we're running into stores.

It needs a ton of routine maintenance done, like brakes, belts, brakes, hoses, brakes, fluid changes, and brakes, etc. Definitely needs brakes. Did I mention brakes? They squeak going and stopping. Probably need some new rotors too, but we'll see.

It also has a bunch of little things, like the back glass doesn't roll down and the hood takes two people to open.

So far there are no puddles of anything beneath it, and that's always a plus. You'll probably be seeing a lot more of me as I uncover new problems and come here to moan about them.

LTZ C20:
Looks good man. Should be a good pick to start some type of build with.

Square body win, enjoy.

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Thanks guys. Plans for this one are to get it smogged first. It's been non-opped since 2008, which means it hasn't been driven or smog tested in 7 years. Once I've fed the CA smog nazis to their satisfaction, I'll get all the maintenance stuff up to par and DD it. It will be the family wagon, seeing that we have 8 people living here now. I'll also use it for work when I need to pull the trailer up slippery driveways in the mountains.

Beyond that, I might try to put a rear A/C in it and some cooling system upgrades, like a bigger radiator, along with trans and oil coolers. I might try doing some bodywork too, seeing that panels for these trucks are relatively inexpensive.

I don't know what it is about these old trucks, but driving them just puts a smile on my face. My work truck (the newer body style, green and silver one in the background) is all the same drivetrain, but not anywhere near as fun. I don't know why. (?)

Nice Burb.
I hear you about how driving a square body puts a smile on your face.
  My 2000 k2500 crew cab has everything I could ask for in a truck as far as cold air cond, overdrive trans, cruise, & power windows, but its just not the same as driving my bare bones 84 M1028.
  How hard is it to get your truck smogged in California?
  Is it a rust free California truck?  I have a 91 Burb that came from California a few years ago. Living in the rust belt in Mass, its hard to believe how clean the California trucks are rust wise.
Looking forward to seeing the progress on yours.


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