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1984 GMC C1500 Stepside "pinky"

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I figured I'd show pinky some love and gave her a heart transplant.

1984 GMC C1500

Captain Swampy:
Looks like a lot of fun! Sure must turn heads. It has a nice clean look.

LTZ C20:
I like how there's no front bumper, it's shaved into the fenders and lower grille area.

I still think that is one sharp looking truck!  Masterful workmanship!  When did you get the original concept and begin the build?

I wonder how the bed would look in rosewood?

I'm sure I'll change the bed floor when I redo this truck but for now I am happy it's back together, burns serious rubber and is fun to drive. I'm back on the orange truck now and intend to get that completed before I am back on the 74. When I bought this truck it was already pink and the story I got was the guy who had it painted pink did missionary work and aids research so he probably wanted to use this to support cancer awareness but unfortunately he passed on. I tried to talk to the people he worked with but they knew little about the truck. I am glad that it has been able to carry the torch for him, we used it for breast cancer awareness and for parades a few times too. I intended to paint it like an ez-cheez orangy-yellow color but other projects prevail and I live with 3 girls so.....pink stays for now :)


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