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The "yard truck no more" is off to paint jail so I decided to throw the leftover parts together to make a Trazer.  I have seen this done before and since I have all the ingredients I decided to give it a shot.   My kids keep bugging me to buy a side-by-side OHRV,  so why not build one with what we already have?  Got an 89 Blazer frame, crappy 82 truck cab and body parts, a 350, turbo 350, NP 208, an an empty garage bay.  Its not going to be pretty but I'd like to throw something together with all my extra parts.  I will be mocking things up in the next few weeks to see where the back of the cab will land on this frame.  I was planning on it being just for off-road only?  Any input or inspiration would be appreciated! 

Any good trails near you to enjoy this project when it's done?

In NH there are a bunch of class 6 (non maintained) roads that can be found if you know where to look, but some are closed during winter / mud season.  There are also few off road parks around the state that vary in difficulty.  My family has a bunch of old farm land in Concord, where this thing will mostly live.

Looks like you're off to a good start with a Makita grinder, a square gauge, and a blue sharpie!

I look forward to seeing your progress!

Been picking away at this project on and off.  The "yard truck no more" is still off being painted.  Yeah - I know, its been a year.  Never doing that again.

Trying not to go too crazy with this project but I wanted to start with a nice clean foundation.  Not planning much in the way of body work once I get that far.  It will probably look like a piece of crap until you get close to it.  Cleaned up the old 350 and slapped on some chevy orange.  Its getting a new intake and carb, replacing the timing chain, and new gaskets everywhere.  Cleaned up the transmission (which turned out to be a 700R4) and NP208 Xcase.  Cleaned and painted the frame, redoing the brake lines, and replaced some bushings.

One of my problems is that I stupidly sold the transmission crossmember from the pickup and the blazer one got put in the other project.  Sourced another one like what was in the blazer on the internet for $40 and thought I was in business.  Unfortunately I realized the transfer case adapter is different and will not work with this "double hump" style crossmember and even if it did would probably mess up the driveshaft length.  Looked at my old "documentation" pictures and apparently there is a tall and short version.  Guess I am searching for parts again.


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