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     Ok I want this to be as friendly a post as possible **use spell check people**.  I am by no means the best speller, in fact my worst class in school was english, but come on, when you type you get a red squiggly line under the word almost always if it is not spelled correctly.
     It is really hard to get the meaning sometimes of the person posting when I have to guess what word they are trying to put in the sentence.  Spell check is a great tool and it is 2 buttons to the right of the post button.  My eyes will thank you and my brain will have to not guess at what I am suppose to be reading.

ok then. Sorry guys if i hurt someones feelings  .  It was all in fun


--- Quote from: royo on April 01, 2011, 10:22:07 PM ---Poor baby

--- End quote ---

Bake has a point, you dont.

X2 on bake74s post, and an attempt at correct punctuation would be a nice touch too.

The rellay stargne thing abuot spellgin is that if all the ltteres that make up a wrod are in the wrod, you can atcually reda it farily easily. Wierd...


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