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Any other Star Wars nerds going to see the new movie? (Warning SPOILER Alert)

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I got my tickets and am going in the morning before work :)

Back in late August my youngest and I had planned too but then the move happened.  I will see it eventually but 12/18 isn't going to be in the cards...


                                                                                    Lucky you are....

:)   Me too!!  Me too!!  Me too!!

       ...Albeit, probably not 'til after Christmas....   :'(

Jason S:
Hopefully next week when we're off to the inlaws...

Be sure to post any surprises and tell us all about the ending.

So is mark hamill in the movie or what?

I saw the original star wars at the cinema.  Late 70's.

Oh' and vile, keep a lookout if there are any squarebodies in any scenes. 73-87's!!


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