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Any other Star Wars nerds going to see the new movie? (Warning SPOILER Alert)

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Ok, just catching up here. I'm sure you have been watching the Boba Fett series, teaming up with Mando, and I heard they are bringing back Carano. I know, Disney is real woke and left, that's the sucky part....

Firing her was RIDICULOUS! The cancel culture is so biased. Same with Roseanne even though I couldn't care less about her show. Then we have Whoopi who gets a suspension for two weeks for smack talking the jews and even uses a fake jewish name as her own. Double standards much? The right thing to do would be to uncancel her. Would she come back though?

I agree totally. The hypocrisy is extreme with the woke left, beyond understanding. I wonder what would happen if a republican said "white lives matter" I mean, do they? Just don't walk around the CNN studio with a black light, lol.

Anyway, I only heard she may come back. I hope so, I like her a lot. She is anti vax, anti mask, anti voter fraud, etc. etc....


Oh well, just click on the dang link. Trying to navigate this site on an iphone w/o an app is very difficult.


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