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Any other Star Wars nerds going to see the new movie? (Warning SPOILER Alert)

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i too plan on seeing it just not anytime soon. i dont do movie theaters, idk if it ptsd from work but i really dont like to have people behind me especially in the dark. one time i was down a tier. the power went out and the generators failed to come on, i was all the way at the end of the tier and i dont think my feet ever moved that fast before lol

Just got finished watching it, it's good, it's really good

so what happens?..... j/k

Yeah i was kidding too, dont spoil it. Unless they went back in time and drove a squarebody. Haha

I dont do theaters either, i get nervous in crowds. And, i dont wait in lines either. Im not special, just hate lines. Dont tell anybody, but when in traffic i use my badge and hit the breakdown lane.  Total abuse.

ill wait for it to be released on DVD. im not super excited about it but i guess it cant be any worse than episodes I, II and III.

or can it?


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