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73-87's in movies

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Talking about the move The Driver got me thinking so here we go.  Here are 2 movies I have see with 73-87's in them.

Nightmares, 1983: ('The Benediction' )
Truck: Black pickup stalkes a priest:

The Driver. 1978,
Truck: Red Pickup


check this out

What are we looking at?

Bowtie Bomber:
Have you guys herd of the show "The Fall Guy"? The main characters truck is an 82 GMC I believe. It's basically the Dukes of Hazzard except it's a good 'ol k10 doing insane jumps.

I think there's some clips on YouTube.

what he was showing us is this website that you can search for cars in movies...he searched for our trucks in movies and posted the link. 

and yea, i've heard of the Fall Guy...there's a whole webpage devoted to it...but i can't seem to find it...


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