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Adding a Dome Light


Hey all. New member, and first time poster. I recently picked up a 87 Chevy V10 350 4 speed truck. It's a running, driving example. But it's a Custom Deluxe, and has literally 0 in the way of optional equipment. I have courtesy lamps, but no dome. And no headliner, with no intent really to put on in.

Here's my question though. I really, really want to install a dome light. I have no concern with running the wires or fishing them out. The rear pillar feels open at the bottom all the way up. But actually installing the light. There are no holes, no recess for the fixture to fit into.

To my understanding there should be a small punched out hole in the cab roof to accept the harness and the bulb holder itself, as the dome should screw in to hold the rear of the headliner up.

Could I get a small hole saw, maybe 3/4", and put a couple side by side holes in the center of that rear arc to create the recess to hold the fixture and flush mount it to the inner cab roof? I really don't want to trim out the whole interior just for lights, nor do I particularly want to. I like the minimalist feel, but I need some more light in here.

I've seen others ask similar,. but it was mostly "can I add a headliner and put in a light". I felt this needed to be asked separately since I won't have the headliner piece.

I think I may have just answered my own question. There was a dome light question on here from last May. Sounds like I just need to use the rubber washers provided with the light to keep it from grounding to the cab. Might even get some neoprene gasket material and make a seal to keep it off the cab surface.

Mr Diesel:
If you want to stay minimalist just grab a battery powered tent or closet light from Wal-Mart. Put lithium batteries in it so they last forever, magnet mount to ceiling or double sided tape.

Well, as far as minimalist, I more just don't want to fully dress the interior. I plan on getting some stuff to clean it up from  , but I don't really want to do the headliner and stuff.

I like the idea of having lights on in the cab when I open the door, as most of the time I end up driving it is at night after work. I have door switches already for the key buzzer, but they current don't appear to ground my courtesy lamps. They do come on when I roll the headlight dimmer to dome, though. So I am hoping to tie a new dome light into that circuit and tap the ground at the door switches to make them come on with the doors open.

I guess my biggest concern really is clearance inside the gap between the skins, and where the factory hole for the harness and the screw holes would be located. I don't have any other examples to look at. Maybe I can find something in a video of an interior upgrade.


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