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Off the assembly line, what was most common for 73-87 Chevy trucks regarding what was on the floor? Carpet with carpet mats, carpet with rubber mats, or an all vinyl floor? I remember when I was younger I saw a lot of rubber mats and they had a GM logo on them. Where can I get some original repro rubber mats?

We’re these in the trucks, or just the GM cars?


The original mat I had in my 81 K10 truck was a thin cheap rubber mat. I believe mats were installed by the dealerships in cars and trucks (not positive). The new after market mats such as WeatherTech is much better. You can find custom mats with GM, Chevy, Dodge, and so forth by searching the internet. However, I have not seen OEM mats.

These are the best you're going to get at this point in time for repro


Those actually are decent, classic parts has some nice ones for $179. They have the angle cut for the gas pedal.

Appreciate the feedback..

Well, I guess these are them. Little pricy…



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