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OEM '78 Dash and instruments

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My buddy runs a truck recycle yard, he came up on a '78 C30 long bed.

When I got to it the left front fender and steering column were gone, not that I needed them.

I did think the dash and instruments/bezel were in great shape for being 45 years old.

If you want his contact info just ask.

I need to get these refurbished for my Red Girl...

Decided to use just the bezel for the red one, the instruments are a direct fit for the '80 under construction.

Not that I work that fast, actually took a couple of days to refurbish the dash.

I like the OEM bezel better than the reman I used when I bought the truck.

"Colonial Red" was the closest rattle can I could find to the pillars, so I painted the roached out door panels. That was about 7 years ago, so some fading could have happened.

As soon as I get the pix shrink going I'll send the results.


"Afta afta" - Mr. Miagi Karate Kid(sic)

There appears to be a different tint to the same color used some 7 years ago.

Looks close to the pillars and door panels.

I bought the passenger side door panel, much better shape than my roach.

Have it painted but haven't installed yet.

BTW the dog isn't mine. I named it 'Retarded Dog' just to annoy those PC ones among us. How am I doing?  ;)


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