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OEM vs Distributor for custom interiors.


Hey so onto interior, with many outlets listing products from other firms, is there a more direct path to the companies that are the OEM rather than an distributor?

So to be more clear, Summit lists Brother parts. Is B the only OEM? Or is there another level?

Thanks! Black Monday is running out!

That company is owned by Holley, and they bought them, it is a reseller just like this forum/webstore. 

It is also a direct competitor to the company (mine) that owns this Forum, and we sell parts and it is used to fund this forum (which is why you "currently" don't see any ads) and other competitors are banned.   I am a reseller just like others are.  They were limited on what they actually made, now Holley is using that name.

All parts listed in our store with CKC-xxx are manufactured with my guidelines and direction.  You cannot buy them anywhere but me.  Everything else is resell.  90% of the parts they sell I do also.  Difference is I only sell what I would personally use. 

This is the link to our list of vendors (we try to keep this up to date): http://forum.73-87chevytrucks.com/smforum/index.php?topic=10531.0

Thx Captain!

That was extremely helpful and will be a great resource!

I thought your reach was limited to your catalog.

Hope others 'bookmarked' the page as I did.

I can get a bunch of stuff, but I don't list online items that I don't have on hand 90% of the time.  Sitting on $30K of product that barely moves isn't something that I am interested in anymore.  Tried that in the beginning (we turned 20 in October this year) and ended up with a bunch of outdated old products that I coudln't move.


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