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1981 chevy c10 control module

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Question what does the control module do or control?
I have a short some were in wiring could the control module be bad and causing the short?

Way too vague!  ANY power wire or appliance that passes current to ground inappropriately can be the cause of a short. 

Which control module are you questioning?  What makes you think there is a short?  Are fuses melting?  Which fuse(s)?  Describe the symptoms and when they occur.

Got smoke?  ;D

the control module which is under dash above gas pedal I unplugged it and everything still works.
The problem I'm having with fuse popping is labeled horn which is above the bat single pin when I plug fuse 20A in (horn slot) it pops as soon as i push it in.

You may have a short in the steering column horn wire. Disconnect the steering column wire connector and then you can check for a short to ground in the column. If OK, check the rest of the wires to the fuse!


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