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Title: front seal change!
Post by: 81lwb350 on August 01, 2002, 09:52:00 PM
can someone direct, or advise me on what is involved in changing the front seal for a chevy 350.

i have a kinda small leak coming from the bottom of the timing cover where it meets the oil pan! its not toooo bad but i want to fix it cause im tired of adding oil every couple of weeks!

i know there are alot of things that need to come off... fan - shroud - water pump.....etc...are there things i should do while i have it torn down! things i should check for? or maybe replace some stuff while im down there?....

i was gonna pay someone to do it, but i wanna clean and try and get some color on the block while its down!

would love to hear some tips and suggestions and things i can expect to possible happen!