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« on: June 18, 2002, 02:30:00 AM »
Hi, I just purchased a 86 shortbed about 4 days ago and am very glad I did.  The truck has 117,xxx miles and the rebuilt motor has ~15,000~ miles.  The tranny is acting a little weird or maybe it's just me.  When I really lay in to it the tranny shifts fine until third gear when right after it changes into third gear the convertor locks up.  Or atleast I guess that's what it is. The previous owner said it had a lockup convertor but I don't know if that's what it's supposed to do b/c I'm new to auto's. I'm not really sure if it has a th-350 or th-400 to be honest. Is there any way to tell by just looking under the truck?? Also while cruising along while the convertor is "locked" the truck doesn't downshift if you stab it. (I'm assuming the tv cable needs adjusting??)  If the convertor is suppose to lock like that is there any way to make it lock up later instead of so soon.  Oh, and could someone please enlighten me on how to adjust the tv cable.  Thanks for anyone willing to help out the newbie. THanks in advance.        


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look around on the internet and you can find a web site that shows what the different tranny pans look like. I think you have a 700r4 overdrive tranny, if its the original 1986 transmission.


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Thanks for replying so quick.  The more webpages I visited and the more research I did I also think I have the 700r4, but the reason I didn't think I did is b/c on my selector it doesn't have the o/d like on my mothers 88 Jimmy which has a 700r4.  At this point I'm still confused as to what I have but I'm going to try and find some pics tonight and compare.  I'm still open to any comments or suggestions.  Thanks.

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Re: tranny
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The pan on a 700R4 is like perfectly square or rectangular I know, and has 16 bolts, I think.  The 350 and 400 have curves at places in the pans, I think.

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