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Rear axles.
« on: July 12, 2002, 07:02:00 PM »
Bought my '76 C-10 eleven years ago for $495.  Rusty body, no air, 2-wheel drive.  350/350 runs great, 3.73 rear end (no limited slip), good 15" AT tires, pleasure to drive.  Has optional heavy-duty rear springs (7 leaves), will hold 3,000 lbs. without bump stops touching axle.  Now sometimes haul gravel up steep gravel road.  Too little weight in back results in tire spinning and failure to go up hill.  Too much weight in back and can't go up hill until some gravel taken out of back of truck.  

What is the best low-dollar method of increasing the pulling power of this vehicle up a steep gravel road?  Would a used rear end with a slightly higher ratio and limited-slip be a good move?  Since the existing rear end seems to be in good shape, would it be safer to install a limited-slip in it?    

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Id install a limited slip unit of some type. 3.73 is a great rear ratio. 4.10's will be a little steep without overdrive