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Alcan springs
« on: October 06, 2018, 07:34:11 PM »
Finally got time to install the Alcan springs

we bought the truck a few years ago for it to be my then 16 year old sons daily driver,  it had stock springs

We bought a parts truck that had 14 bolt and 8 lug Dana 44
And it has a 4” suspension lift of unknown brand
Springs in front and blocks in back

Since this is a daily driver
We installed a junkyard LS 5.3,  a NV-3500, vintage air AC etc

We recently ordered some springs from Alcan , 4” front , tears with no lift and a rear shackle flip kit from ORD

And new rancho RS 9000 shocks


This rig went from riding worse than some of my 18 wheelers to slightly more firm than my 06 expedition

Soft enough that we had to re install the front sway bar

Rides better than the stock springs

If you want some good riding springs ,
These are the ones

Lessons learned :

Buy all new bolts for the springs and shackles

You will likely have to cut some of the bolts because they are rusted to the bushings so hard that no amount of pounding with a BFH will remove them

Get a lot of high quality blades
Each blade is good for one grade 8 suspension bolt

The shackle flip kit was a PITA
We used a plasma and grinder and lots of hammering with chisels and punches

We used a friends warehouse at their business on  a day when they were closed

We didn’t think to take any measurements doing any flexing using the forklift
  We were too tired and just wanted to go home

Took us appx 11 hours