Author Topic: P235/75/R15 tires on 15x8 rims Will they work on this wider rim???????  (Read 150 times)

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1978 2wd C10
 I found a nice deal on 15x8 rally wheels.
Also found some new Goodyear all terrain P235/75/R15 tires.
I know it's better to use the "LT" 235 instead of the "P"235
But 1st will they mount up on this wider rim?
and will there be any draw backs
Originally came with 15x6.5 rims 225/75/15

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They will mount up fine.  Speedometer may run 1 mph slower if it is dead accurate with the current tires.  LT in that size tire only goes to Load range C from load range B.  Only needed if you typically overload a 1/2.  P is for passenger tires, LT is light truck if you didn't know.
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235/75/15 is the tire size that came on my 87 r10 with 15x8 rally wheels from the factory. I later  replaced them with 255/70/15. Looked better because the diameter was identical to the original tire but slightly wider.