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First timer...'83 CUCV
« on: July 31, 2020, 07:55:38 PM »
So I'm fairly new to Automotive diesels and would love some help just to hear it run. A little background, I do a lot of commercial diesel work some for friends and lots for work but they are all substantially bigger than this like for instance a Fairbanks Morris 38 1/8 ND to a little smaller Cat C16 and even smaller Deutz diesels . So I'm not completely diesel stupid.

The what: 1983 K5 CUCV Blazer, 6.2 Detroit, I believe it had a TH400 and NP208 but they are in a jeep now. 10bolts front and rear.

The person I got it from drove it around a good bit before taking the trans and transfercase out so I know it will, did run about a year ago. Some of the glow plugs are shot but he said it fired up without them so I'm not completely worried about replacing them especially since the temps here have been in the mid and upper 90's.

From a wiring stand point what do I need?
Starter 12 or 24VDC?
Is there a fuel shut off solenoid or what turns the engine off and where is it?
Are there filters I need to check and drain moisture from?
In-tank lift pump? Can I put a Jerry can on the cab and gravity feed?
Any "Definately don't do this" I should be mindful of?

Here's a link to the few pics I took last time at the parts field.

As always thanks for your time and input.
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