Author Topic: 81-91 Console Refurb - By 78 Chevyrado  (Read 15284 times)

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81-91 Console Refurb - By 78 Chevyrado
« on: September 30, 2008, 10:44:45 AM »
Here's some pics of the interior console 78 Chevyrado refurbed. 
He used SEM brand "Firethorn Red." to match his new carpet.  Here's a pic of how the new carpet matches up to the "paint" used on the plastic/vinyl parts.  Pictured is the LH Kickpanel which is Painted with SEM "Firethorn Red" And the carpet piece is ACC CARPET "835-Firethorn Plush Cut Pile"

This is the console and kick panels.  The cupholder still hasn't been painted Black inside at this point.

Here's the finished console.  The black insert in the cupholders are repainted and installed along with a new lock with key.

The old felt liner was nasty and dingy so he chose to line it with matching carpet on the inside.  He peeled the felt off the liner and replaced it by gluing the carpet to the cardboard, and then reassemble it like it was.
Start by peeling the old felt lining off of the carboard backing (not pictured.)  Then attatch the carpet (before cutting) to the cardboard with contact cement.
Here you see the console's cardboard liner bonding to a piece of the new carpet weighted down to assure a good bond.

Then just reassembled it like it came apart; with staples.  HE used a leather hammer on the inside and a dolly under the staples to compress them for the tightest hold.

In the first pic below the cement is setup and the carpet was trimmed with an exacto knife to fit the cardboard exactly.

You can get the tabs to stand up like below by folding them over and hitting them with a soft hammer to set the crease in the carpet.  If the cardboard tears a bit along the seams that's okay.  The new carpet will hold it together assuming the cement was applied correctly.

It only took about 30 minutes or so to do, minus drying time for the contact cement, and with the new insert in place you don't have to worry about cleaning the felt!