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Stewart G Griffin
Today at 07:27:01 AM by Stewart G Griffin
Views: 10 | Comments: 0

So i got the throttle cable bracket reinstalled------And i'm 99.9% sure it's in right because there's really only one way it will go back on.  And i haven't touched the throttle cable itself.

But after i got it all back together, it won't work well----i'm not getting anything close to full throttle.  The secondaries don't even open.

Any suggestions?   It has to be something simple..........
July 27, 2016, 10:08:27 PM by A-Rod
Views: 59 | Comments: 3

My truck got a 350 5.7 engine and is 4x4, I can't get it to do a burnout what can be the problem? I just finish installing dual mufflers with super 44 flowmaster and a spacer on the TBI I did felt a different but still no burnout.
July 27, 2016, 09:41:30 PM by a.graham52 | Views: 30 | Comments: 1

1977 c10
dual 2.25" exhaust
edelbrock 650AVS carb
 edelbrock pro-flow air filter with paper element

So heres the deal, iv been running a 650cfm avs carb for almost a year since I got the truck. I also purchased a 500AVS and ran that for a few months but that might come later.

I did a tuNE up this year and thought I would dial in the carb a bit further. It's always had a bit of a ping at higher loads even with premium fuel. Iv leaned the cruise mode about 12% leaner and throttle response was very nice but pinging would start at about 10" of vacuum and would continue until secondaries woild open.  To make a long story short I added all the fuel I could to cruise and power mode and pinging is still there. Also dialed timing back to 8 degrees. 

So hear I am thinking and remembered issues like this with CV carbs on motorcycles. When u remove the airbox u adjust your carbs richerl because there is not as much vacuum  suckig out the fuel.  So out I went and put some duct tape on 3/4 of the air filter and low and behold, little to no pinging even after leaning the carb out.

So I feel these are my options:
Install 500cfm carb with pro-flow filter - this should increase vacuum though the carb at all rpm and load ranges

Install stock air filter and housing with filter-to-carb spacer - anyone think the stock filter would be too restictive?

Install a new filter and housing from a different year/make/model vehicle
July 27, 2016, 06:01:46 PM by Pike1915
Views: 41 | Comments: 3

What do people recommend to use or how to lower the fromt end of the truck.  I have a 1974 K10.  I am 6'2 and still have to stand on step stool to reach some parts of the engine and it is killing my back.  So any ideas or suggestions?
July 27, 2016, 05:23:09 PM by David A Young | Views: 45 | Comments: 2

Hello. I have a 1985 GMC C1500 2WD LWB 2.73 10 bolt rear end. I recently swapped in a later model 700R4 (came from a 91 Silverado). It has the electric speed sensor for a speedometer and I need to swap to mechanical speedometer but I have no idea where to start. Is there a numerical method on how to figure BOTH drive and driven gears? Since the transmission has electric guts they'll have to be removed to install the plastic gears. I have cruised the web trying to find a method on how to figure both gears and haven't found anything yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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