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Today at 09:38:22 PM by Irish_Alley
Views: 5 | Comments: 0

ok so about 3 months ago i ordered two catalytic converters for my father in-laws ranger. they got to my house fast and i didnt actually try to install them till a month later. let me start on fitment, it wasnt so good. had to force the pipes to line up, i had got both left and right hand banks from the same company so you would think they would line up, wrong. the last thing i had to do was screw in the O2 sensors and the last one the 02 bung was welded 45°s off. so the O2 sensor would be right in the way of the heat shield. removed the heat shield and cut a hole in the heat shield only to find the wires on the O2 sensor are now about 3/8" from the floor.

contacted RA about the situation, they first said i voided any warranty by cutting the heat shield. this was my mistake because i wasnt really clear that the heat shield was on the truck. clarified that it was on the truck and i did nothing to the cat but installed it. they said

"We’re sorry, but the manufacturer’s warranty is for a replacement of the same brand and part number only. It does not include: cash refunds, exchanges for different products, or the reimbursement of labor costs, shipping costs or other expenses. However, because you are a valued customer, RockAuto will cover the cost of one way ground shipping on your new order.
You are not obligated to take advantage of the warranty, but if you would like a replacement, please obtain instructions by going to our Order Status and Returns page. For more information, please see: How do I exchange the bad part I received for a new one?
If you have further questions about manufacturer warranties, please see our Warranties page."

this was about a month ago, i been writing them about every other day asking how to take advantage of the free shipping one way but they have given me the cold shoulder and havnt responded to anything. ive gotten parts before from them and had no issue but here i have spent over 300 on converters and now i have to ship one back on my dime which im my mind is BS when its an manufacturers error not mine.

now i know this is in the fine print about returns and i kind of accept that as that but the communications on their part is what has really ticked me off
Today at 08:59:35 PM by chiefmiller84
Views: 9 | Comments: 0

Evening all. I just finished the front end part of my 5/7 drop on my 84 c10. Aside from having to shave off some material from the western chassis spindles and waiting a call back as to why their shocks don’t line up with their tubular control arms all went well until I had to move it. The left front tire is rubbing considerably, the right has about half an inch clearance from tire to fender.
1 any ideas what is causing the tire rub on the left side?
2 is the half an inch clearance enough on the right side.

Ps this is my first major drop (did a 2/4 on my old 2005 Dodge Ram) sorry if the question is remedial.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Today at 08:44:09 PM by Deathscythe | Views: 10 | Comments: 1

Just un the off chance someone knows where to get one, I'm looking for a NEW OEM replacement steering wheel for a 86 GMC Sierra.
I'm guessing since the originals are leather that new replacements aren't made. Best bet would be to buy a new generic one or have it wrapped by a leather smith?
Today at 03:29:30 PM by JohnnyPopper
Views: 38 | Comments: 5

I'm very happy  to have found this website and all you Chevy enthusiasts!

My first ride was a '57 3100 Apache Stepside from my Dad. Caught that bug in 1977, been a real trip since then.

My latest project, barn find in the mountains of San Diego County.

1978 Cheyenne, 350, 4bbl, 4X4, NP 203, Oxblood interior. 

I look forward to getting to know you's guys.
Today at 01:23:58 PM by Henry | Views: 48 | Comments: 4

When studying the 73-78 parts manual, I came across these 3 acronyms I cannot determine what they mean:
1. C.A.C.
2. N.L.
3 N.S.

From the forum tech section, Vile has a acronym table that indicates CAC is "charge air cooler" this what #1 stands for?...what is a charge air cooler on a 73-78 truck?

NL and NS seem to be some sort of warehousing and distribution acronym...but I cannot find the definitions anywhere.

The page that has these acronyms is attached.

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