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Today at 08:08:08 PM by Ben_Greenberg
Views: 9 | Comments: 1

Hey guys,
Brother's trucks sells what they describe as a universal steering column. It's currently on sale for a total steal.

Has anyone installed something like this? Should I expect it to be easy or should I just totally stay away? I'm not crazy about total hack up jobs.

I've got a 78 c15 heavy half.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
Today at 07:18:18 PM by Chadwick717
Views: 6 | Comments: 1

Hi all, my 79 k10 with a np203 and a part time kit has a shimmy starting around 55 mph.  It also has a 350 with a th-350.  The previous owner told me about the shimmy and he said he had the tires balanced and the truck aligned and it didn't help. It wasn't to bad when I first got the truck, but now I feel like it is getting worse.  It seems to come and go, and it gets worse the longer you drive the truck.

I understand that these aren't 75 mph trucks, but I would like to cruise along between 55-60 without it shaking. I'm going to get the wheels and tires balanced again, and then my next step was going to be unbolting the front drive shaft and drive without it and see if that was the problem. Is this a good first step or am I going in the wrong direction?  I know it could be any number of things, I just want to narrow it down to the most common problems.  Oh it has the stock suspension setup as well.
Today at 04:51:29 PM by BidEquation78 | Views: 20 | Comments: 0

Hi everyone, currently I have a 350 in my 82' C10. The engine runs strong but is starting to leak and needs all the gaskets changed. While it's apart I'm going to beef it up somewhat and have a decent street/strip engine. I was thinking 355 or buy a 400 block, since the 383's are extremely common here in my town and I want to be a bit different and still have something I can take pride in and say " I built that!". I'm looking for 450 hp and still have decent street-ability. Thanks!
Today at 12:18:19 PM by swilliams
Views: 79 | Comments: 15

I have a 1986 C10 that i have done a head change on. I have got the timing set around 12deg BTDC. I am getting fuel at the carb and spark to the plugs I checked the #1 and #2  for fire #1 got a  good blue spark with a new plug #2 more yellow orange with an old plug. I have a good ground strap from frame to head where it was before the swap. It doesn't even act like it wants to start. I have no idea unless the timing is some how off. I have been told that if the timing is 20deg off the engine will not start. Any ideas???
77 cc lb
Today at 11:45:51 AM by 77 cc lb
Views: 19 | Comments: 0

Hi, I have an 88 Suburban with the 454 TBI. I am replacing all the gaskets (TBI, intake and valve covers). I don't want to risk having a coolant leak in the back of the TBI because I didn't put it back together right. Is it possible to do a bypass line around the TBI or is there a trick to putting the line back in? Thanks for any info!
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