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March 24, 2019, 04:27:54 PM by 4inthefloor | Views: 24 | Comments: 0

I recently discovered the top shock bolt loose on my 84 3/4 ton suburban. I'll  attach a picture of it. There's no cracks, but I'm wondering. I've been thinking of moving my shocks in board, but looking for suggestions on the wallowed hole. Should I just clean it up/paint it and leave it alone or is there any repairs I should do to the hole, what's the likelihood of it developing a crack without the shock beating on it?

March 23, 2019, 05:27:12 PM by Dave W | Views: 42 | Comments: 1

I noticed the silver spray cans you get at the stores (rustoleum)
Are way too bright, and don't look right.
Anyone know who sells the correct color
In a can??  Eastwood,maybe??
March 21, 2019, 04:24:33 PM by Dave W | Views: 102 | Comments: 3

I bought some 15x8 rally wheels at a swap meet, they had tires on them holding air.
 Long story short there was corrosion, with pitting.
I have cleaned as good as possible down bare.
There is still some slight unevenessthe from the pitting.
I heard it may be possible to use miracle paint, or
Por 15 and apply about 3 coats sanding in between
To help level out.
And then maybe mount with some bead sealer.
Anyone have any insight?
Thank you
March 20, 2019, 11:52:47 PM by zona98 | Views: 157 | Comments: 8

I have a 1977 Jimmy High Sierra 4x4 with original just about everything (paint, interior, engine, etc.). I replaced the original spare tire two weeks ago. The truck is in excellent condition for its age.  My top priority is keeping it as original as feasible.

Two weekends back was the first off road trip. Tame forest road, but the road was in rough shape. It was a bumpy, tough trip on the truck. I assume the suspension is original. No lift.

Any suggestions that might help improve the suspension yet keep it predominantly original?

The truck is likely to be 85% weekend/car show cruiser, 15% tame overlanding.

Iím new to the truck and suspension discussions.
March 20, 2019, 05:03:27 PM by Latech15 | Views: 130 | Comments: 7

Hello all -

First off, I have been an admirer of the square body for many years. A few buddies had them in high school and Iím finally at the stage where I can buy one as a toy. I found this one with some help and it is rust free. Paint is nice, not great, but nice. Iím not a mechanic at all, but I am good with my hands.

I took the truck to a shop that specializes in classics to address a clutch issue - manual trans. It shook violently when shifting from a stop. They pulled the engine to get at the clutch easier and to replace leaky seals and gaskets. Iím 5k in at the shop at this point and I will have a new : radiator, all hoses and belts, a/c, water and oil pumps, all seals, clutch, motor mounts, timing chain, front drive shaft. Thatís all I can think of at this point. I went to leave the shop with it today and it wonít even shift into 2nd gear, or any gear without stopping. They say that the pedals are from some other model and the clutch isnít fully engaging, (or disengaging as it were) before the pedal hits the floor. They are doing some modification to make it adjustable so that it will work within the travel of the pedal.

Iím terribly disappointed that they did all that work and didnít even bother to drive it down the road.

I plan to add a radio, has none now, 2.5Ē lift, exhaust, and replace the seat.

The exhaust is a factory manifold into duals that were chopped off behind the mufflers and are hanging by coat hanger wire.

Any suggestions on a nice bench seat would be gladly accepted and if anybody has dealt with a clutch issue like this, Iíd love to hear it.
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