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Today at 07:46:28 PM by 6364chryslers
Views: 16 | Comments: 1

Got a new C20, but it's a 68, looks like a two barrel havent got the engine number yet. My guess is 307 / 327. Pw steering / brakes been sitting 30+ years.
Bought new here in town and one family owned.
Got an extra hood for a 68 and 73, 68 doors and odds and ends 67-87.

Sad new the place was full of 67-87 truck parts. A fight in the family, so three 20' trailer loads of parts were sold for $650. And I bet went right to the chrusher.

I would be willing to trade the 68 for a 73-80.
Today at 07:15:20 PM by guinelle1 | Views: 16 | Comments: 1

on my 79 i have some damage where the door hit the fender. both edges were "curled" in toward the truck. i was able to pull the damage about 70% out flush. after removing and re-adjusting the door my door gap is pretty good but the damaged area has a much larger gap. the gap is nice at the top, widens in the middle, and gets nice again at the bottom of the door. i am not a body man by any means and this is definitely no show truck.. im just trying to make it look decent. i know the door is most likely aftermarket and the fender looks to be original. im looking for any advice on closing up my door gap in the center. i tried prying and pulling the lip out but with the way the edge is bent its very stiff and its difficult without seriously damaging the door. ive seen people tac weld wire to close up door gaps... any body guys on here?
Today at 05:08:40 PM by Breadvan
Views: 157 | Comments: 7

So I need to do a fair bit of work to my engine, and I find it really hard to reach anything, the engine bay being so big.

I want to remove the inner and outer fenders on each side and leave the wheels sitting naked. I'd prefer to leave the hood and front section on.

The first thing the manual says to do is remove the hood, do I have to? Is it impossible to do without? Also is it quicker removing inner and outer fenders as a single unit, is there any shortcuts I should look for?

This is purely to gain access to the engine, I need to change the carburetor and remove the plugs and try and free the block, remove the intake manifold and clean it all out. It's stuck in a farm shed with a loose dirt floor, so I'm not happy jacking it up and working under it. I'm also open to better suggestions. 
Today at 01:54:10 PM by xschroederx | Views: 31 | Comments: 3

So I have in my 79 K10, an intermittent loss of power steering. It only happens every once in a while. Fluid is clean and new, belt is tensioned properly. Never had the problem in my 78 where the pump was pulled from along with the engine. Fluid level is at proper level. When I loose PS its not so much hard to turn like lack of PS, its more like its kindof siezed, but not entirely. Just really fudgin hard. Im a light mech, and I haul hay every year so I know its not cause im weak. Im assuming the pump is finally going bad. Any ideas?
Today at 12:16:35 PM by 440six | Views: 36 | Comments: 2

Who sells the best factory style headliners for a 1979. Mine is starting to separate from the base and droop down.
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