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Today at 01:32:39 PM by Chisholmcody | Views: 16 | Comments: 2

I was looking over my motor the other day (1978 l6 250) due to the fact that coolant was leaking and noticed that it was leaking from the intake manifold due to the bolt closest to the back of the engine bay was missing.

Now I'm trying to find a replacement bolt and was wondering what size is it? And also will I need a new gasket do to the bolt coming out?

Any help is much appreciated.

Can post pictures after school if needed
Today at 11:29:04 AM by hit_man
Views: 16 | Comments: 3

Hello all'
I have been lusting over dropping the front of my 78' C10 by using DJM tubular drop control arms+coils. Achieving about 5" of drop. Has any one experimented with this? I am wanting to run stock 15x8.5" rallay wheels. I know that when drop spindles are used people are having to grind stock lower control arms for turning clearance. But one thing I am taking into account ground clearance. This is why I am looking at tubular control arms. Our local DOT has really been hammering people who's control arms hang lower than the rim lip... I don't want to give up my stock 15s!!!  I am open for suggestions to other suppliers.
Today at 10:59:24 AM by hit_man
Views: 21 | Comments: 3

Hello guys and gals. Long time snooper but newly signed up. I have recently re ignited my interest in my 78 GMC c10. I have owned this truck since I was 14. Right now it is getting paint sprayed so I am hopping to pick up some other tips and tricks to finish off the rest of the build. I revived the project after 9 years dormant. Good ol' GM. After a new battery and fuel and she fired right up! My plans included a two tone paint job, One piece door glass and modern brakes/suspension including a 5\6 static drop.
Today at 12:34:51 AM by Pringle | Views: 37 | Comments: 3

Hello guys! My name is Jared. I've recently had the opportunity to add a 1977 Chevy C10 to my fleet. Now a fleet of 2. :P

My grandfather's passing a couple of weeks ago was a very emotional endeavor for my family, but I wanted something i could remember him by every single day. I left my hometown of Covington, TN with several items to accomplish this, but my favorite is his 1977 Chevy C10.

There wasn't much debate when it came to the truck. Not nearly as much as there was when it came to his 1963 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron "CoachWork" :O Apparently my grandfather left it to my uncle long before he got sick. Oh well. I know it's going to a good home.

When I was a kid, I can remember, my grandfather and I would ride around town in this truck. We took it everywhere. It's been beaten, driven, dinged and dented. But I love it.

The truck is currently still in my hometown, awaiting a title. Transportation for the truck has already been arranged. Will be trailer-ed back to Lenexa, KS. Over 500 miles and 9 hours. 

It's kind of nice that I ended up with it. I'm the only "Car guy" in my family that wouldn't mind driving an old truck, and I plan to drive it.

So. All that being said.. I must confess. I've never driven anything this old. The oldest vehicle I've driven is a 1994. Not sure how well this is going to work.

I do sell auto parts for a living, but I know nothing about a carburetor, float, jets, etc etc. Except that they are parts i can sell. :P

I plan to;
1. Get it running! Truck hasn't been started in a few years. My co-worker said to fix the obvious things first, then let it run through a few tanks of gas before trying to diagnose too many issues. I know it needs a coolant hose that goes into the firewall.
2. Fix the rust. Already have a friend with a welder lined up.
3. Paint. Keeping it original Black.
4. Interior. Keeping it original Red.
5. Suspension. I do want to do a drop on the truck. Just to take some slack out of the wheel arches.
6. DAILY! I want to be able to daily this truck. 365 days.

I do want to ask if there is anything I should know going into this project? Any tips or tricks to driving these older trucks. I've seen and heard about pumping the accelerator prior to starting... I don't know these things. Lol.

Thanks in advance.
November 23, 2014, 11:27:05 PM by bpenrod | Views: 35 | Comments: 4 be here.
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