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January 19, 2021, 06:42:57 PM by fatastronaut
Views: 26 | Comments: 2

Hey folks - truck is an 86 Silverado/C10. I bought it with a Q-jet, has a brand new Edelbrock 1403 on there now. Had been running great with the new carb, best it's run in years (if you saw the Q-jet I'd be banned from this forum). Lately it's having trouble getting up hills or accelerating quickly. Feels like the carb is bogging down. Example: on a hill it goes & goes, then it'll start to die, then it'll start to buck between revving and bogging down (in rhythm), and if i push too hard on the throttle, it totally stalls on me. Runs great at idle, runs & drives great otherwise.

First thought was a clogged filter. Has a brand new in-line filter going into the carb, pulled it off and it's totally clean. Next idea was the fuel pump. Bought a cheap fuel pressure kit at Harbor Freight, attached it to the line coming from the pump, started the engine and...well it's all over the place. Swinging rapidly between 2-8psi at idle, occasionally hitting 0 or 10. Cut the engine and it immediately drops to 0. Fuel pump is relatively new, but it's a cheap OEM one from ACDelco, and it lived through a lot of me learning my way around the truck when it wasn't running.

If it's not the pump, last idea I had was the fuel sending unit in the tank. It's the original tank, and I haven't dropped it to take a look in there yet. Could be an issue back there?

Thanks in advance for your help!
January 16, 2021, 03:20:12 PM by Chevygold | Views: 75 | Comments: 3

Quick question, should the hood hinges hook under the pins on the top of the fire wall? Mine don't and the rear of the hood sits above the top of the wings, the pins don't seem to be adjustable front to back so the hinges would need to move back, I've tried loosening the bolts to the inner wing but didn't have any success getting them to move with the hood attached.
I will be stripping the front end for paint at some point so wondered if there's a procedure for getting it right when I build it all up?
January 15, 2021, 08:37:57 PM by slideways | Views: 67 | Comments: 2

I'm redoing my first square body inherited from my wife's grandparents. 83 K10 with a swapped stock 350 and what i think is an aftermarket qjet. Now keep in mind before teardown the truck started and ran fine when cold so im not sure what could have changed here. I rebuilt the carb pretty meticulously with videos etc using the quadrajetparts rebuild kit. It was my first automotive carb but it seems to idle and respond nice. The welch/bowl plugs were epoxied on this carb already and like i said no issue beforehand. The issue i have is the truck will not start unless you drizzle fuel down the bowl tube in the front edge of the carb. After that it runs on that fuel until the pump seems to fill and keep it running. The choke i believe works ok because the idle will stay up until it hits temp and it will kick down properly with a stab of the throttle.
I reused the original fuel pump with no mods, truck got a new manifold/headers/RV cam/SS inlet line and new Qjet filter (the one i used says its the check valve type). I ran all new hard lines from the tank to pump. Also deleted the EVAP can and plugged the carb port for it.

Any thoughts?
January 15, 2021, 06:49:05 PM by Danevineyard | Views: 88 | Comments: 4

So I am going through and redoing some of the electrical on my 1973 Chevy G20 van and I found this plug melted to the side of my engine block. Can anyone help me identify it when I found it the plug that was in it had four wires coming out the end there seemed to all be wired together but then I took it out and subsequently lost the piece with the wires that were together. So I need help identifying what plug this is so that perhaps I can replace it and maybe restore it so it's not rigged all funny
January 15, 2021, 02:15:33 PM by metal_hide_82
Views: 100 | Comments: 6

Hello everyone my name is Brad and I am from Arkansas. I just purchased a 1982 Shortbed 4x4 Scottsdale Square from Indiana. It currently has a 383 Stroker with a 400 Turbo Trans. I am planning on doing a full restoration on the truck with some mild modifications under the hood and inside the interior. The truck currently has a 3" body lift (Removing soon and staring on a 6" Suspension Lift) and 20x12 wheels with 33x12.50-20 Moto Metal Wheels. The truck looks great from far away (As most of them this year do). But it will require a ton of work to get the truck where I want it. I plan on starting a thread to document the project. Hoping without ever doing this before, I can get a lot of feedback as well as hopefully help someone else that wants to tackle the project and learn from my mistakes! I have already trolled this forum for lots of information regarding squarebody trucks. You guys have an impressive knowledge base with tons of experience. So glad this forum exists! Looking forward to taking on restoring this truck with your guys help! I'm attaching a few pics of the truck as it sits right now. I have started a few projects on it. It was in pretty bad shape when I started! So far I have taken as much apart and cleaned every part as much as I can and polished out the wheels last night. Just trying to save the parts that are actually good. Here's the truck:

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