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Today at 01:32:25 AM by LTZ C20
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Truck in question, my 79 C20 Cheyenne. I recently sold my chrome brush guard to a site member, it was where my fog lights were mounted. Now I have no place to mount the lights. I have considered bolting them to the front of the frame right below the bottom of the bumper, but I think that looks like too much of a 4wd thing on a 2wd. I'm most likely going to be putting on the stock shape grille in the future so I have considered mounting the lights behind the grille, in the bottom corners, similar to the 83 trucks blinker location, allowing the fog light to be behind the bottom corner "egg crates" of the grille. Has anyone ever done that before? Has anyone also used the chrome front bumper from the site store or such place as /L/M/C/ truck that has the round fog lights built into the bumper? I am curious to see how the light-in-bumper setup or the light-in-grille corner setup would look. Pictures are welcome as well as other ideas or setups.

Today at 12:00:49 AM by 87V20Kansan
Views: 7 | Comments: 0

Will the 14 bolt FF out of the '88-'98 trucks fit under our trucks? They sure are a lot more plentiful at the pick and pull around my part of the world.  I know that the mounting pads for the springs are in different locations and pinion snout length differences may alter my driveshaft length. I can handle all of that with no issue. Is the axle flange to flange width even close? I can never find a 73-87 14 bolt FF in a yard to even measure. I sure would like to make that work rather than buying and gutting a 1-ton squarebody. Keep in mind that I m running the H1 wheel with a 2 inch spacer already. I can grow the flange widths up to about 4-1/2" inches from the K20's 9.5 inch 14 bolt and lose the spacer if I need to.
78 Chevyrado
April 23, 2014, 10:36:14 PM by 78 Chevyrado
Views: 12 | Comments: 1

Here's the clock I made for myself...  My mom's cousin randy saw it and asked "so that hubcap went everywhere uncle roger's truckwent when he drove all over the continent in it with that airstream in tow?  I told him yeah...  He liked it so much, I took it down off the wall and gave it to him...He looked like I'd offered him 5 gold bars, after I told him that hubcap was off of Uncle Rogers Truck, when it was driving all across the country back in the day.  For those that don't know...  this was a hubcap off of my truck when I first got it...  Uncle Roger is my granddad.  I made a clock like this for my dad out of one of the hubcaps that was on their old mustang, and I made this clock for myself out of one of the old hubcaps that was on the truck when I got it.  Randy liked it so much I gave it to him...  You'd have thought I gave him 5 gold bars...   but I totally understand...  He remembers that truck before I was born, he remembers seeing it brand new, and I got to give him a small piece of that, and I think he'll treasure more than I would have...  made me very happy to give it to him...  (plus if I want, I got three more I can make)  ;)

This is the 78 model truck back in 82...  he remembers brand new in late 78... I'm so happy to give it to him!  He loves it more than I did...  so I gave it to him, thought he was gonna tear up but he held it back enough...

April 23, 2014, 10:18:20 PM by 82oldskid | Views: 9 | Comments: 1

I know this ain't about a 73-87 truck, but I was hoping somebody might be able to help.  I recently put a starter in an 01 Silverado with a 5.3.  Before this, the truck wouldn't crank at all.  Put the new starter in and now it cranks but won't fire.  This wasn't an issue before the starter died.  Now it just cranks like its not getting fuel or spark.  I haven't gotten into diagnosing anything yet, bit I know the fuel pump is cranking.  I'm kinda baffled and am looking for any ideas on this.  If anyone has any ideas on this, please chime in.  Thanks!
April 23, 2014, 08:05:31 PM by choptop
Views: 31 | Comments: 3

I've been meaning to post pics of my newest addition but keep getting side tracked. Im in the process of getting it ready for show this year. Will post more pics once i get them.
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