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October 20, 2018, 07:54:18 AM by Jerr-conn | Views: 67 | Comments: 3

Anyone have any experience with this stuff. I ' ve heard good things about this treatment.
October 19, 2018, 03:29:16 PM by Ronno6 | Views: 49 | Comments: 2

This motor is from an '93 GMC 1500 pickup.
It is a 5.7 TBI and has swirl part heads
Closest to a block casting # I could find is:  2233886
It is on the passenger side flange bell housing flange.
I cannot find anything close to that anywhere on the WWW.
Anybody seen that before?
October 19, 2018, 01:41:36 PM by Ktc84shortbed | Views: 53 | Comments: 2

I have a 84 c10 non air and installing a 5.3 ls and has anyone ever tried to install the AC components as evaporator box and controls off say a 2000 or newer truck into a 84? I like the looks of just the dryer/accumalator on the fire wall and not the big box outside. Just a idea running through my head and using the ls 5.3 compressor lines and condenser would be practical install of customizing all that crap  problem maybe is if there is enough room under dash to fit the newer unit and modifying for controls? Iím not to worried about wiring etc  just a thought if anybody else has a wild imagination
78 Chevyrado
October 19, 2018, 03:21:26 AM by 78 Chevyrado
Views: 68 | Comments: 3

Been a little while since I was on here, Figured I'd show yall some of what I've done to the old truck.

The black Stripes on the side trim needed painting, and I found an easy way to do it while giving more night visibility.  I used some of the new 3M Black Reflective tape 1/4" wide.  it fit almost just right, and during the day it's actually black like new paint!  I also put some black vinyl on the grille bowtie to change it up a bit after 10

Interior hasn't changed much, but I did find a decent dash cover for it.  My dash is still good, but since I daily drive it now I bought one to keep it good.  Even the music from the center speaker comes right through it with no muffling.

I put my air horns on it, they're all four mounted under the hood on the LH inner fender.  compressor is on the rh inner fender and 5 gallon air tank is under the bed.  I also found a brake air gauge from an 80's c60 to put in my cluster for the horns.

My AC compressor died so I redid the whole system with a sanden 4618 compressor.  it uses the stock AC lines, I just bought some brackets for it that go on the water pump.

Last pic is the CS-144 alternator upgrade.  You just have to slot the oe bracket hole on the intake manifold and it goes right in.  My alt died one day and since the camaro isnt running i took the one off it to play with and see if it would work, and it does. 

78 Chevyrado
October 19, 2018, 02:39:44 AM by 78 Chevyrado
Views: 135 | Comments: 11

Hey guys, been a good while!  Been a rough year, Had a major wreck back in april, got pinned between two big rigs on the freeway in my 08 impala.  Just now getting off physical therapy.

Havent decided on a new car yet, so been driving the truck to work, camaro needs an engine.

I been looking at putting approx $20k into the truck, and about $10-15k into the 1997 camaro.  At least that's what I'd like to do.

Insurance is the crux.  I want both the truck and camaro insured at market value after I'm done with them, but I'm not doing any mileage restrictions, and the truck will be towing stuff occasionally.  ya know lumber for decks, or if another car breaks down i'll tow it home.  I will have a third car before all this is done to satisfy the ins companys need a third as a DD requirement.  Looking at either 16-17 impala premiums or 15-17 taurus limiteds. 

The mileage thing and can't drive it to the store or work is a no-go.  My job has a security fence and active security so parking there isnt a problem, It's a federal facility.

If I can't get them insured like I want I'm just gonna cut the truck back to $5k and the camaro to $6k in upgrades and go liability only.  I can cover a losing that. 
If I go cheap ttruck gets cheapest blueprint or atk crate engine that has a roller cam.  if i can go big I want the 435hp/475tq engine with MPFI on it, built OD trans, full SS exhaust, 5" one piece Driveshaft, new tires, disc brakes on the rear and some other odds and ends.

Just can't put all that into the truck if i stand to lose it all at any moment, especially if stolen rather than wrecked.

How are you guys driving these things daily insuring them?  or are yall just using them as collector cars?  I know what I wanna do is weird.  I want my old cars, and I wanna daily em and have em covered. 
I'd very likely (having three cars)  not drive any one in particular to work more than once a week or so.  I do have to drive them to work some, because I almost never go anywhere but work, if i dont drive them to work, i'll never get to drive them.  though i dont drive the camaro in the rain (squirrely) , i exclusively drive the truck when its snowy or icy.  I wouldn't even get another car except for insurance requirements, but would be nice for long trips.  I do a couple of 1k+  mile trips a year, tho the camaro is nice for trips.

Just in short, if i can't insure them like i want i'm gonna do the minimum they need and be done with it, instead of doing them up right like i want to.  Insurance companys are deciding my day to day life for me and it irks me.  Other crux is all the house insurances I've seen explicitly don't cover any motor vehicles  inside the locked garage, so they essentially aren't insured now.  Trucks on liability now, camaros on full coverage , its new enough to have some blue book value left to it.   Payout on the truck with full coverage now would be about $900  so thats def not worth it.  Camaros around $7500, not too bad.

trucks still chugging along on the original engine and trans, but its getting noticeably tired.  It's got about 170k on it now, OE longblock and trans unopened except to put new VC gaskets on it.  It just runs and

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