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April 17, 2015, 02:28:11 PM by Irish_Alley
Views: 50 | Comments: 3

are they missing for everyone?
April 17, 2015, 10:47:19 AM by EdMailhot | Views: 84 | Comments: 8

hello from the Great White North. I just thought i would pop my head in here and say hi. just picked up my...(counting in my head...) 4th square bodied chevy/gmc truck this week. the first one was a '84 2wd gmc long box, it had a 350/th350, it was nothing special in the grand scheme of things, but it was my truck in and after high school. it was my first forray into the non muscle car world (i had a couple of chevy nova's before that). fast forward a few years (and a few vehicles, a wife and 3 kids) and i wanted back into either the square body world or the muscle car world. so i scooped up an '86 silverado 2wd long box. it had a 305 with an O.D. trans. it was in pretty bad shape, but we slowly brought it back to life and eventually sold it after about a year so that I could get through a tough spot financially. i still see the kid that bought it running it all over town. next i ended up in an '87 k20 that i lifted 4" and put some 35's under it, and then back I went into the muscle car world, where i aquired a 79 camaro and it quickly turned into an addiction. i pulled the big block that was in it and opted for a higher H.P. small block (dynoed at 470H.P.) to mate up to the th400 feeding the .373:1 eaton pozi rear. the thing is an absolute tire shreader. but i wanted MORE!! (don't we all) so I purchased a wrecked 2004 k2500 with a low mileage 6.0l, and was prepared to drop that in the car with a little head reworking, a big cam and a 76mm turbo. and through all of this I was in the middle of a conversion to a 4 speed in the car too. fast forward a little bit, and it takes me to today. though everything i have changed plans a couple of times, but in the end I ended up aquiring another c10. this time a '77 shortbox. after trying to figure out the direction that I want to go with it, i have decided to put the 6.0l (not sure on whether the turbo will find it's way into the truck yet) in the truck. i will mate it to a 4l60/65/80/85e trans. (not sure which). In the mean time the Car will end up going BIG. as in a Bigblock/powerglide roll caged race only set up. I am soooooo looking forward to all the fun that both my vehicles will bring. and all of the quality time that the kids and I will have pulling wrenches. always remember everyone, Half of the fun is in building these things, the other half is in driving them. I also look forward t getting to know all of you and see pics of your trucks.
April 17, 2015, 09:37:20 AM by SpartanTravis | Views: 133 | Comments: 14

I have a 1984 K10. I want to change my bezel to this.

My question is will I have to mod anything in the dash before I fit this new bezel. IE: gauges, whit gauge housing, lights, hardware, electrical, radio, A/C etc?

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
April 17, 2015, 02:04:38 AM by Irish_Alley
Views: 28 | Comments: 1

what happened to spell check? i dont use it but its gone
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