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Today at 01:53:22 AM by Beladona_13
Views: 35 | Comments: 1

Hello, new to the forums here, but owned 65-79 Chevy/GMC trucks for many years.  I recently purchased a 1978 Chevy K20 with a knocking 350.  I swapped the good 350 from my haggard old '76 C20 Camper special into it and have been really loving the 4 wheel drive.  Been driving it now for about a month and had this little electrical demon rear it's ugly head now that it's colder here in Oregon.  If I use the heater blower fan on high with the headlights on the fuse for my tail/park lights blows.  According to the FSM they're supposed to be on separate fuses.  I just placed an order for the factory wiring diagram supplement to go with my factory service manual, but I was hoping someone here might have a suggestion or three.  I still have a few kinks to work out, but I think I've just about cured the "Kmart Rash" it came with!   ;)

November 28, 2015, 08:55:51 PM by Mikeymike383
Views: 82 | Comments: 5

it's behind the dash of my 73 but idk what it is
November 28, 2015, 06:59:11 PM by philobeddoe
Views: 142 | Comments: 12

Please tell me there are others out there in the squarebody world that have dropped thousands on their truck other than the purchase price. I have recently posted what i have done to my truck, and other than the final body resto, i must have spent thousands so far. I am getting sick of spending money on parts. Anyone else feel overwhelmed like you'll never catch up, that every little thing you want or need to do is going to cost you more and more on the credit card? I know a NEW chevy is like 50k and thats $800 a month for like 5 or more years! Crazy...
November 28, 2015, 12:53:15 PM by LTZ C20
Views: 53 | Comments: 3

Hey all, I have thought in my head, I'm curious about. How hard would it be to switch from my current 79 round 7" headlight setup to the 80 single square headlight setup. I found a bunch of images on Google of trucks with the same grille as mine with 80 headlights and I really like the way it looks.

My truck as it sits now.

To switch to this.

I figured out that obviously I would need headlights, bezels and park light housings. Is it all pretty much bolt on stuff? The mounting holes for both bezels appear to be the same. Head & park/turn signal sockets should be same right? Possibly need a mounting bucket for the square headlights?

Is it possible that one of the members who is savvy with photo shop could photo shop '80 bezels on the picture of my truck above, so I can see physically if I really like the look or not? Right now I'm just trying to visualize it in my head.

I have a number pics of my truck on my phone if anyone needs a better angle.
November 28, 2015, 11:54:04 AM by English | Views: 37 | Comments: 2

I've finally got round to getting an accelerator pump cam kit.

Any tips on where to start? Google searches bring up "just try them all till you find the one you like best", but I'd rather have a vague idea what I'm doing before trying out eight cams, with two-three positions each...

It's a Moroso kit, and comes with a tuning guide, but I don't know how to apply this to my requirements. GM350 with Comp Cams 12-300-4, in a K10 with a manual gearbox. Carb is a Holley 570. Is there any relation between the torque/hp curves of the cam to the graphs shown on the tuning guide? As in, what's my ideal rate of throttle blade opening to suit the camshaft?

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