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November 27, 2023, 08:31:55 PM by JohnnyPopper
Views: 24 | Comments: 0

Hey so onto interior, with many outlets listing products from other firms, is there a more direct path to the companies that are the OEM rather than an distributor?

So to be more clear, Summit lists Brother parts. Is B the only OEM? Or is there another level?

Thanks! Black Monday is running out!
November 23, 2023, 04:45:12 PM by JohnnyPopper
Views: 194 | Comments: 6

The supplier states that using an impact wrench may damage the shock.

Any truth to that from your experience?

I recently changed my old ones to KYB and the left rear froze after a couple of weeks.

It's quite an experience to have your bed start oscillating violently upon hitting a bump! Like it's going to tear the truck apart. 

Changing them again to Bilstein and thought I'd ask.
November 23, 2023, 03:08:41 PM by Scaryfastatx | Views: 439 | Comments: 10

Question for you all

Did the factory use a fixed set of speedo gear combos on these trucks?

Is there a resource on what the factory used for certain equipment?

My speedo is showing about ~35mph when I'm doing ~22mph

I don't have a tach, so just trying to research what came in these to get an idea while I wait to get a tach to see what my engine speed is compared to my velocity

November 21, 2023, 07:23:33 PM by JohnnyPopper
Views: 259 | Comments: 3

I'm working the details out to get my Red Girl painted.

I have to rebuild the doors anyway i.e. scrapers/ seals/ felt track and I want the inner surface where the outer scraper lives painted.

Front and rear window will be removed as well.

They are going to paint the jams and door interiors. Not the cab.

Have any of you pulled the doors before the shoot?

I know the more you pull apart the higher risk of goofing something up putting it back together.  >:(

November 21, 2023, 01:00:36 PM by 87ChevyR10
Views: 333 | Comments: 5

So I have purchased $500 to $1000 of parts the past 3 weeks for my Chevy. Of this, I felt my baby deserved some new rims as I know the old ones were rusted. After a lot of research trying to find the basic look I wanted, I chose the Vision 84 d window, reminds me on the stock cars. Anywho, I found them several places but price matched at Jegs and ordered. 

Results? It's not Jeg's as they don't deliver, but man...... if this isn't a reason  to swear off Fedex? IDK what is. They all damage packages, yeah, its part of it sometimes. Yeah. This was beyond that. And lost 1 of the 4 and signed it as delivered the prior day when the rim showed up the next.

Was really disappointed in Fedex. For future reference, if you HAVE a delivery preference, call and have them note in the account notes you want Fedex or UPS to deliver to you. Did NOT know that til yesterday.\

The end all? They gave me $100 off for the damage, i accepted it and i asked hey, since they are scratched up now, is it possible to throw in some touch-up paint? And they did! They did what they could on the situation. Things happen, I get it. But I left happy with the result. If it was some $1000 rims, ok, i wouldnt have been as chill as some $70-80 racing rims.

Anybody have similar experiences there or with Fedex or UPS? How did they resolve your situation?

BUT, I'll have her on those. Still currently lost on the tires as I was researching what size to use on my size rims. I seen 345, which aint no way. Finally saw the 255/60s & 255/265/70s fit the rear 15x10s. Shocked that there are very few options available for a tire of that size. But the BF Goodrich Radial T/A series is what i am going with for tires. They look great, and I believe I'll be able to tuck those with no rub.
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