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Today at 10:29:04 PM by dbolen3 | Views: 1 | Comments: 0

I was wandering if anyone has had a problem with one brake light not working while the lights are on. The brake lights work fine when the lights are not on, maybe a brake light switch?

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
Today at 10:24:07 PM by BlazerNerd97 | Views: 5 | Comments: 1

Hi all!

My name is Symon. I'm from Southern California near Barstow area. Head of this site and figured it would be a big help to me with fixing up my old 1975 C10 longbox with a factory toolbox bed. I personally have not seen another bed like this one in person, and will need a lot of help with repairs and information if possible.

Thanks for letting me in!

Today at 08:43:09 PM by Irish_Alley
Views: 22 | Comments: 0

GMC NUMBER: 88-T-151

GROUP: 5 - Brakes

DATE: August, 1988


MODELS: 1984-86 C/K 3500 AND 1987-88 R/V 3500

1984-1986 C/K 3500 and 1987-1988 R/V 3500 series trucks are equipped with a rear suspension height sensing device that optimizes the brake proportioning valve setting for the load the vehicle is carrying. The height sensing system adjusts the brake balance in vehicles subjected to a range of loading conditions. Occasionally, vehicle modifications by body builders or owners influence the height sensing device. If a vehicle has had rear suspension modifications that affect its trim height or the spring rate, and the driver comments about the brake modulation characteristics of the vehicle, it is recommended that the height sensing system be removed and the brake system be revised as described below:

Parts listed below are currently available from GMSPO.

1. Detach rear brake hose from lever and bracket assembly. Reference Figure No. 1.

2. Remove lever assembly and bracket from axle.

3. Install rear brake hose bracket (P/N 348978) and spacer (P/N 2355099) with a 3/8-16 x 1.38 bolt (P/N 358000 - shorter bolt removed in Step No. 2) in the upper cover hole. Reference Figure No. 2. Use Loctite 75 or equivalent on the bolt threads.

4. Attach brake hose to bracket with bolt from original installation.

5. Install a 3/8-16 x 1-3/4 bolt (P/N 9439637 - longer bolt removed in Step No. 2) through spacer P/N 14055556 (removed in Step No. 2) in remaining axle cover attaching hole. Use Loctite 75 on bolt threads or equivalent.

6. Disconnect brake pipes from height sensing valve and brake hose, and discard short brake pipe. Reference Figure No. 1.

7. Remove and discard height sensing valve, bracket, and bolts.

8. Carefully reposition the rear brake pipe, and connect it to the rear brake hose.

9. Bleed and test brake system per Section 5 of the appropriate Light Duty Service Manual.
Today at 03:41:11 PM by Plasticfan | Views: 40 | Comments: 2

Want to swap out my 2.73 gears for 3.42.  Will the 3.42 fit in my 2.73 housing?  Are all the pinions 30 spline?

TIA, Don
Today at 01:43:56 PM by 86K10Siverado | Views: 28 | Comments: 3

So I have a k10 but prefer the look of k20s and k30s when it comes to ride heights and such. What would be the best way to get a stock k10 to have the same height as one of the higher gvwr trucks? Im guessing about a 4 inch lift but wanted to see if there were any alternatives or things I may have not thought of. Thanks in advanced!
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