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January 17, 2020, 10:06:33 AM by Walk518 | Views: 509 | Comments: 4

Iím new to the forum but long time creeper. I have a 86 short bed with stock 305 that recently starting trying to overheat ( according to the gauge). Iíve changed t-stat, waterpump, radiator, sending unit, replaced radiator & heater core hoses & gauge ,still tryís to peg out hot...?? I also flushed heater core & preformed block combustion test for blown head gasket. Iím not loosing any coolant and no signs of water in oil. I used a IR thermometer on block it read 180 and around 200 at the sending unit. Also the gauge would read 260 & the radiator cap would not be hot & I very careful opened cap & coolant wasnít boiling & was circulating . Iím have no clue what to do next...?? Any help is greatly appreciated !!!
January 16, 2020, 10:31:50 AM by 30-A Rider | Views: 684 | Comments: 1

I have read for hours and Iím shocked there isnít a sticky thread on tires, wheels fitment. I own a Chevelle and the Truck is my wifeís she just got; 85 GMC C1500 long wheel base with factory 305, no rust, orig pain and 55K orig miles.

Want to lower 2.5Ē front, 4Ē rear: then new wheels & tires.

I have zero experience with this truck but my guess is 18Ē x 8-9Ē wheels with 5Ē backspacing should work.

Iíd rather hear from others with same or greater lowering measurements as to what they are running please.
Any responses much appreciated.
January 16, 2020, 09:01:33 AM by Matt9278 | Views: 2031 | Comments: 6

Hey everyone! Iíve been creeping discussions for a while and have found a lot of awesome info! I will be diving into this again tomorrow but decided to try and get some more insight from you all.

1983 gmc high Sierra
A/c but it has been hacked apart and is no longer functional

Keep in mind itís January in South Dakota and after work when I get time to work on it, it is about 2 degrees and I lose motivation fast haha. I do not have a repair manual for these yet but would be open to suggestions on which ones to get.
I bought this pickup as a fixer upper for my son with what I was told by the owner had a ďbad engineĒ. With a little elbow grease, plugs, cap, rotor, wires, and fuel pump I have it running like a top now. So we are at the point that I have trouble with, electrical. I did a quick survey and had headlights, left rear running light and left side marker. Other than that everything was dead. Changed a few bulbs and cleaned the plug that is in between the tail lights and all Iím missing now is right brake/turn signal and reverse lights. The right turn signal is VERY intermittent. I took the flashers out and switched them around with no change so I shorted them across with the same result. I guess my question is where exactly is the ground for the tail lights? Iím thinking thatís the issue.

Now to the dash. I have lights but oil pressure, engine temp and volts do not work, found what I believe is the ground for it just in front on the e brake on a 6-slot receptacle I guess I would call it? Iím not sure. Also Iím sure this is a ground issue as well but Iím not sure if Iím looking at the right one. I tried two panels and switching the gages around from one to the other with the same result.

Now to the heater. I kind of need that fella this time of year haha! I havenít had much time to tinker with it because of lack of motivation in the cold but from what I can gather is Iím getting heat but itís not blowing. I tried it with the engine off and I couldnít hear the fan ďramping upĒ as I would call it. I have very faint heat coming out of the dash vents. First thing tomorrow Iím going to rip into that but in the mean time I wanted to ask do these pickups blow a lot of air or is it faint like I described?

Iím going to include a picture as a reference to the dash ground Iím talking about.

Thanks for the help
January 15, 2020, 11:15:55 PM by MechanicallyIgnorant646 | Views: 1345 | Comments: 11

It's a '79 GMC K1500 Sierra Grande and I'm pretty sure the hub locks on my truck are not original, and whatdayaknow, they're broken. How difficult is it to convert back to full time 4x4 and what does it involve? Thanks in advance.

I'd much prefer to not have to worry about these things breaking again.
January 15, 2020, 10:57:36 PM by MechanicallyIgnorant646 | Views: 1571 | Comments: 7

So I've had an ongoing series of problems with this vehicle as it sat for the better part of 10+ years and the shop I took it too failed to be as thorough as I'd asked but that's another story altogether...

So what's happening now is the truck has had a tendency to drain batteries, guage failures etc.. so this MAY be an electrical problem..
But a few days ago I was driving, shoot it off parked on a slight incline. Then could not start it. Jumped it off.. it's happened before.
But this time I noticed the fuel.filter under the hood was sputtering, gushing gas and not quite filling up. Usually it stays full unless I let it sit for days or weeks. Sputtering/spewing filter aside, it started with jumper cables on battery and then ran fine. The next day it started and ran just fine. Then the next day it wouldn't start and I'm getting no fuel in that filter. Both filters from each tank have fuel in them.

When I turn the key to on position I can hear a wirring/humming sound like a fan but it doesnt seem to be coming from the fuel pump.

It may be worth mentioning that if I use the tank selector switch under the dash it will blow a fuse IF the ignition is on. If I do it with the ignition totally off it will seem to switch tanks just fine with the guage reacting to whichever tank I've switched to. I'm not sure if that could be relevant to the other issue.

I hope this wasnt too much or confusing.
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