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August 27, 2014, 05:28:53 PM by 78longbed4x4 | Views: 33 | Comments: 1

Ok guys lookin for a little advice. I have an 82 shortbed 4x4 with a 4" lift sittin on 38" swampers and 3/4 ton axles and a 4 speed manual tranny. The 355 that's in it has a broken wrist pin. I'm a little short on cash right now so the rebuild is gonna have to wait til tax season, but I need my truck for winter cuz my $600 beater work car doesn't get along good with Kansas snow. My question is, I have a running 283 that came out of a 72 c10 I had a few years ago and I was just wondering if that motor would even be worth stickin in the truck to drive in the snow. It's completely stock and it burns a bit of oil but it runs. I just don't know what it would be like coupled to a 4 speed turning 38" swampers. Any advice would help. Thanks guys.
August 27, 2014, 01:30:51 PM by blazing816
Views: 10 | Comments: 0

Thought I would post some pics of some Chevy trucks at my cities car show:

Chopped resto mod 50s Chevy Truck:

Lifted Blazer with friendly farting kid on ladder (motion censored doll that farts when you walk by and says "wasn't me"):

Chevy stepside with later Chevy box on it (I was not a fan, body lines did not line up):

Restored 70s (74 if I remember correctly):

Lowered resto mod 84 short bed:

I do not know what was under the hood, because could not find owner, but this thing had a two speed rear end put in it and it was a manual (I think it could pull a house):

Not Chevy Trucks:

bad custom bel air, sitting on the ground:

And this was just wacky, but I bet fun to drive....I old Beatle with a Chevy 350 in it:

Gas Tank where engine use to be:

August 27, 2014, 11:16:36 AM by Cam68 | Views: 26 | Comments: 1

So i think i might have found a really decent truck, 86k10, basically bone stock and hasnt been messed with. My question is that in talking to the seller he states the truck has the warning lights in the dash, practical .. but id much rather have the readable gauges, it possible to just basically unplug the cluster with the warning lights and install/plug in a cluster with readable gauges?? or what all needs to be done to make this possible??
August 27, 2014, 05:34:16 AM by 1979C20
Views: 62 | Comments: 11

So I was looking at my c20 the other day from the side and got an idea. I kind of wanted to turn it into a short bed, but at the same time I dont. I like the stance and the wheel base of my truck. But then I thought, what about shortening the rear of to keep the wheel base? Cut from just behind the wheel well to just before the tail lights and shorten it up. So when you drop the tail gate its right at the edge of the wheel well. I thought it might look pretty interesting, but I cannot find any pictures of it anywhere. What would you guys think?
August 26, 2014, 10:02:34 PM by Woompow | Views: 24 | Comments: 3

Hello all,

I just bought a 1986 c10 long bed. I have been looking for a truck for a while and ran up on this one for $800. Has a rebuilt 305 vortec and rebuilt 700r4. Got it from a friend of a friend who's uncle gave it to him and he just let it sit for about 8 months before finally selling it to me. She's not running so great right now but I'm working on it. Vacuum problems, carb, alternator etc. no big problems as of now. I just bought some 2010 Camaro SS wheels to go on it. I had planned on a gunmetal paint job, but after seeing the color combo on this truck I may just paint it back stock. As you can tell I'm excited and I'm sure I will have many questions for you guys in the future. Thanks in advance!

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