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Dipstick problem:
« on: August 27, 2018, 11:28:08 AM »
Need a solution for this problem:

1) It's an 87 block 4.3 v-6  (this itself may be a problem as i'm not totally sure if they take the exact same size dipstick tube as a v-8 small block?

2) i have the dipstick tube from an 86 block.  It does not seem to fit the 87 block.   OR maybe it is correct, but it's too hard to get it to go in with the engine in the truck.  (YES, i know i should have taken care of this BEFORE the engine went in......) (UPDATE: now that i think about it, there is a good chance it IS NOT the right size because if it was, i would have put it in before putting the engine in the truck?)

i want to plug the hole so it doesn't leak----i'm not too concerned about having an actual functional dipstick in there.

(i've already gone 2 years with out one, and i've done this on previous engines as well;  i just change oil every 10,000 miles and it seems to work.)


1) Is the dipstick hole size the same for all 90 degree v-6 engines----from 78 to 2015, or was there a change somewhere?
a) Do ALL 4.3 v-6's have the same dipstick tube hole sizes?  Or was there a change sometime?

2) Do V-6 and v-8 (sbc) have the same dipstick hole size for the year same ranges?  I.e.,  1955-79,  86 and newer etc.   i have a hunch, they are not the same size.

3) What do you suggest i do?

With the previous 305, i could not run a dipstick into the block because the exhaust manifold would not allow this, so i took the bottom part of the dipstick tube (apparently this was a two piece?), put the tube in the block, and put a bolt into the tube that had enough interference so that it was real snug and it worked.

With this v-6, IF the dipstick is correct, i'm thinking of cutting the tube down to an appropriate size----so i can tap it down in there and then plug with a bolt.

Or try a 9mm bolt by itself; 3/8" just a little too big, 5/16" too small.
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Re: Dipstick problem:
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2018, 11:39:05 AM »
Hi Stewart:
Sorry I am not knowledgable about all the different possible configs of dipsticks...but until someone who knows responds to your questions, you can go to the on-line parts books for various model years and check the dipstick part numbers to determine what was common and what was not.