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1/4 mile times
« on: July 18, 2003, 04:33:00 PM »
hi, i am pretty new to this community but i am an avid 73-87 truck lover.... and an owner myself... we do not have any local tracks around here and i was wondering if some of you could give me an estimate on what my truck will run.... i have an 80gmc longbed with a 350 comp cam 480+ lift on the cam.... holly street anniliator intake .... holly 670 carb street 6al and hypertec high powered coil...... headers.. bored .60 over.. converted the dront of the motor to the surpentine belt system... eletric fans.... with a turbo 350 tranny with mild shift kit in it..... but i am running 3.43 gears in the rear and i am a longbed...... ohh and also peg leggin it.... i have had some fun on the road... i can usually take the v6 mustangs and camaros... along with most the hondas... and was just wonderin if some1 would have a guess on what my e.t. would be? thanks