Author Topic: '89 suburban need extra power  (Read 1777 times)

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'89 suburban need extra power
« on: August 09, 2003, 01:56:00 AM »
First let me ask this... I've always been confused on this:

Since my '89 Suburban looks like an '87 truck, do I look on a site like this (for up to '87 trucks) or one for 88+ trucks?

If you guys can help, then here's my question... I tow a 17' I/O boat with my suburban.  I don't have quite enough power while towing.  What can I do??  I was reading a little about a supercharger on here.  Is that too extreme?  For that amount of money (looked like $1500 or so on summitracing) is there something better or cheaper to do?

I just rebuilt my 700r4 tranny myself (first rebuild ever), so I'm open to eventually rebuilding my engine.  If I did that, could I do things like bore out the cylinders?  I have done a lot of stuff myself (never engine related) but don't know a lot about what things I could do or anything about rebuilding engines.


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« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2003, 03:30:00 PM »
A supercharger will give you good power, but $1500 is farily cheap in my exsperience and I would bet it will come out to more then that.

Your suburban is a 73-91, so its fits in with us :D

You haven't told us your rear gear ratio, or engine size/mods. Give me a little more info and I'll try and steer you in the right direction :)  

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« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2003, 12:00:00 PM »
Why dont you upgrade with a cam and a chip? Get a few extra hp and torque. And see what gears it has in it.


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« Reply #3 on: September 16, 2003, 10:27:00 PM »
I definatly agree with Chevyguy 100% about a chip. Thats one of the things TBI has going for it, is the computer. You might find out that you need to get better gears, 3.42's just aint enough for towing. 3.73's would be a much bigger help.
A good RV cam will help out too. But if your going to tear into the engine, might as well rebuild it.
Boring an engine your-self, could prove to be not a very good idea, ive though of it myself, certainly save a few HUNDRED bucks! If ya got a spare block lying around go for it! and let us know how ya do, and what ya did.
before you start adding performance parts, you need to consider your budget, and how many miles are the current motor. 100,000, id go down the list, 150,000 getting close to rebuild time. But here is a list of what I consider to be most benificial in order of what I would do (key word being I)
1) Tune up ( AC/Delco plugs, MSD or Moroso wires, MSD or Moroso Cap and rotor kit.) the obvious.
2) Throttle body spacer
3) Gears, deffinatly if ya got anything less then 3.73's
4) Exhaust (Headers, and a much more free flowing exhaust all the way back. Check out some of the kits from flowmaster)
5) Chip, now that you can move more exhaust with a good exhaust system.
6) I'd get some kind of better flowing intake system like a K&N kit.
7) Edelbrock sells an intake manifold for TBI systems, this is a very good option.
8)  an Updated ignition system is a must Check out the MSD 6 series systems in summit, (If you do decide to run an MSD ignition system, Gotta run MSD wires with it.)
9) if you still dont have enough power, try some March aluminum pulleys (in summit.)
10) If you still aint got enough, you can always switch to a carb set up with Edelbrock intake.
11) finally if all that just aint enough. Its time for a rebuild.

Well I hope this helps out, Good luck!