Author Topic: windshield Wiper Motor / Washer Not Working  (Read 865 times)

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windshield Wiper Motor / Washer Not Working
« on: May 14, 2016, 12:53:02 PM »
I am nearing the end of my re-build of a 74 K10 but have run into a problem with the windshield wiper motor and washer.  I replaced the motor and pump with a re manufactured unit and plunged everything in but nothing happens when i flip the switch with either part.  So I first pulled up the wiring diagram (see attached images) and tested all of the wires to see which had power (wires are indicated when they have power).  What I really find confusing is there seems to not be a ground for the switch or the unit at all?  However there looks to be an attempted ground on the bottom right bolt which has a piece of metal that extends from the bolt to the body of the unit. 

When I was testing the wires I decided to test the little silver metal piece (labeled "what is this" in my photo) that is held down by a bolt with a green head on the right side of the big gear.  When I touched this with the positive post of the multi meter the gear started to move.  I took it off and then put it back on and it moved again.  I then hit the switch while holding the positive post on this tab and was able to switch between high and low speed.  To me this whole issue sounds like a bag ground or no ground at all.  Problem is that there is not ground post.  The old thing i can think of is that they mfr. is attempting to ground the unit with the brass strap and grounding the case.  And before you ask, yes I replaced the 25 amp fuse in the fuse panel....the yellow wire marked 93 is the wire coming from the pump

Has anyone else had this problem? 

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!!